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Private home visit to discover what nasties may lie in your kitchen cupboards and how you can make changes for the better.

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Gemma Bloor, Nutritional Therapist.

The Farmacist is the creative name of Gemma Bloor, Hello, that's me. I'm a Nutritional Therapist and my specialism is in changing peoples relationship with food for the better.

Having had a keen interest in Nutrition since the late 90's, i've not only found successful solutions that work for people from all walks of life but I can also relate to many real life issues that my clients experience. 

Having experimented with every diet known to man, survived Thyroid Cancer and had a full hip replacement at the age of 37.


Beauty BOX

Private home visit to discover what nasties lie in your cosmetics cupboard and how you can make changes for the better.

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My Approach

My approach to Nutrition is modern and accessible.

I believe in balance and an abundance of real food over diet and deprivation and that education and the power of reconnecting with food can ignite a passion for self change.

My Nutritional Therapy  is made simple via Private Consultations, Workshops, Seminars and my ever popular Pantry and Beauty Box home visits.

It's Nutritional Education that is tailored to you, your loves, your lifestyle and your budget.

Together we can achieve a healthier, happier you.


One-to-One private personal consultation built around your lifestyle.

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"Healthy doesn't have to be complicated, boring or expensive."

— Gemma Bloor, Nutrition Therapist.

Invest in yourself.

These days we assume that our body will run like a well oiled machine even when we fail to look after it. Like anything you get out what you put in, and poorly fuelling your most prized possession, not allowing it to rest or slathering it with toxins is never a great strategy for longevity.

Whilst we will not think twice about purchasing the latest trendy shoe or a luxury weekend away, many of us scrimp when it comes to investing in the very thing that we should. Our own body. As there truly is no better wealth than health.