Our Story

The Farmacist is a shop built as a result of one man’s search for quality and trust. As a person who has been using vaping products for a while, our founder is acutely aware of the challenges that you have to confront when looking to place an order. From the simplest thing as finding your favourite brand to locating a shop that you can trust to have quality products; it can be quite difficult to get what you need. What’s more, it becomes even more difficult to find products with CBD and tobacco all under one roof, so to say.

This prompted our founder to become a part of solution himself. From the tireless search that was in vain, The Farmacist was born. A shop for vapers, by vapers, it is the answer to all your vaping needs. Now you can find CBD products and all the vaping gear in one place where options and superior quality are guaranteed. From a newbie to an experienced vaper, everyone can find what they are looking for with ease. Just add your favourite products to the cart, pay at the checkout and then sit back and relax. With our same day delivery, the product will be out from your screen to in your hands in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping.

about us

A vaper’s one-stop online shop, The Farmacist is the answer to all your vaping needs. An ever-expanding range of e-cigarettes, vaping kits, CBD products, e-liquids and other items; our collection has you covered for whatever you desire. With a wide variety of brands from around the world in our catalogue, you can easily find your favorites and even try out new ones to expand your collection.

Our team of specialists at The Farmacist is driven by knowledge and the singular goal of providing superior products that meet the needs of every customer. With our specialists and customer service by your side, we aim to give you an unrivalled experience. Whether it is high quality vape kits, range of e-liquids or other related items, you can easily choose between reputable brands without worrying over quality or options.

There’s no need to worry about sourcing your favorite brand or authentic products anymore, now you can find all that you need in one place.

Our mission

Giving you the most of what you desire. The Farmacist strives to give you what you need, right when you need it. No more hassle, no more ambiguity. With us, quality and service is a 100% guaranteed.

Our values

Quality over quantity
Products variety
Quality check
Positive ecology impact