All the Reasons Why People Love CBD Oil

All the Reasons Why People Love CBD Oil

For all the CBD lovers out there (and there are many of us for sure) CBD oil very well might be the holy grail product. Sure, there are numerous ways to take CBD. From taking it orally to smoking it, vaping it, adding it to your food and to even rubbing it topically – there are so many ways and combinations for you to try out depending upon your need and interests. But still CBD oil is one of the OG CBD product that people tend to love it for its versatility.

You might have come across the words CBD oil or hemp seed oil a lot while looking for new CBD products. Before we jump into laying out the benefits of CBD oil (of which there are many), lets kick off things by looking at how the two are different or alike to each other.



Let us breakdown the difference between Hemp seed Oil and CBD oil


All the Reasons Why People Love CBD Oil

Difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil


This natural remedy undoubtedly quite beloved among its users is used to help alleviate a wide range of symptoms. With growing interest in CBD oil, hemp seed oil or hemp oil has also garnered attention provided that both products are extracted from the hemp plant. However, let’s start off by breaking down the differences between these two oils with the very first fact, which is that both can have very different effects on the body.

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of industrial hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant. In this process, the seeds are pressed and bottled, or they can be processed further and refined before the oil is bottled. Hemp oil has beneficial properties like the fact that it is rich in fatty acids, protein, and vitamin E.

CBD oil is also derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant. But instead of the seeds, CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, stems, stalks, and leaves of matured hemp plants. There are various ways to extract CBD oil from the plant. The popular methods include using CO2 and ethanol extractions. Choosing between these extraction methods can have an impact on the quality of the extracted CBD oil.



There are a couple of marked differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. Which include:

  • As is obvious in their description, both are derived from different parts of the cannabis sativa plant. However, each is derived from a different part of the plant.
  • Interestingly, while CBD oil can be sourced from different varieties of the plant, hemp seed oil can only be derived from the industrial hemp variety of the plant.
  • Unlike CBD oil, hemp seed oil does not contain cannabinoids and thus you cannot experience the benefits of the entourage effect. For that reason, CBD oil is preferred over hemp seed oil.

They are a few similarities too

Now that we know what these two are, and how they are different from each other, it is time to lay out how they are similar.

As far as their similarities go, it is glaringly obvious that both are oils that have been derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Another similarity is that they are equally multi-use with you having the choice between applying it topically or ingesting it. Which you can do without a worry since they are both non-intoxicating. Both contain no THC too; this is because CBD oil in the UK has no THC.



People can’t seem to get enough of CBD oil because of how beneficial it can be in one’s health and wellness routine.

What is the benefit of CBD oil?



What is the benefit of CBD Oil


Great question! It is actually quite important to understand what is CBD good for. Afterall, it is pertinent to be fully aware of the range of benefits CBD can provide when ingested.

CBD oil has many amazing potential health benefits that you may not experience with hemp seed oil. It can help you relax, relive stress, help you get a good night’s sleeps, and provide you relief from pain from chronic conditions to and injury. To understand more of benefit of CBD oil visit here.

So, if you are looking for an oil that has a bigger roster of benefits than you are better off choosing CBD oil over hemp seed oil.

Is it legal or not is the question


Is it legal or not is the question

Is it legal or not is the question


Found yourself wondering, “Is CBD oil legal in UK”? We have got great news for you. The short answer is yes, it is!

But that is not to say that all CBD oil is created equal (or legal). CBD oil has to meet a certain criterion in the UK to be considered lawful for consumption. Which is why it is prudent that when you are looking to buy CBD oil, or even other CBD products like capsules, that you buy them from trusted websites and sellers – like The Farmacist. This is necessary to ensure that the product you get for yourself are always safe.



So, the long answer to the question “Is CBD oil legal?” is that CBD oil with no THC is legal for sale in the UK. If you do not already know, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the other main cannabinoid apart from CBD found in the hemp plant. High amounts of THC can get you high and is a controlled substance in the UK – not something you need to worry about with CBD. This is the reason why the regulation states that CBD oil needs to have no THC. The other thing concerned with the legality of CBD in the UK is that it has to be derived from an industrial hemp strain that is EU-approved.

Now that you know how it differs from hemp seed oil, you know that there are a lot of things that CBD oil is good for. To enjoy the benefits of CBD oil and the amazing entourage effect scroll through our collection of CBD oil.