Can CBD make sex better? Find out what the experts say

CBD is available in the market in a wide variety. We have talked about how CBD and the various forms it is available in the market has huge benefits for a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. From CBD oils and tinctures to gummies and topicals, we have discussed a whole bunch of products and how they can be helpful to you.

Well, what you might not know is that CBD can help you improve your sex life too. Yup, if you are someone who has felt the experience being less than ideal due to your anxiety or maybe because of pain, you must have asked yourself how you can improve your sex life.

This is where CBD can be beneficial to you because it can actually help with sex.



CBD can help in improving your sex life


CBD can help in improving your sex life

CBD can help in improving your sex life


If this is the first time you have heard of this, you might be asking what exactly the relationship between cannabis and sex is.  We will go into details on how exactly it can help you here, so keep scrolling.

It can help with sex because of a number of reasons. A big issue for some can be how pain hinders their experience. You could be experiencing pain for different reasons, even chronic conditions like endometriosis.

As is proven, one of the biggest benefits of CBD is its ability to help out with managing pain. But it does not just stop there. CBD can also put you in a relaxed state by easing your stress and anxiety. This can explain how cannabis and sex are tied, and too positively.

If you or your partner experience any of the above-mentioned states where you one of you is dealing with (or experiencing) pain or are prone to getting too anxious and stressed about it, then CBD products can help you.

By reducing your stress levels and managing your anxiety, you can actually feel your body relaxing and that in turn helping you get in the mood. Sounds unbelievable? It truly does help! Many studies carried out on CBD have proven that the compound actually has significant mood enhancing, pain alleviating and stress relieving properties.



And how does that tie into improving your sex life?

When you find yourself in a relaxed state where pain, stress and anxiety are not a hindrance anymore thanks to CBD products, you are sure to have a pleasurable experience.

Anyone who has used CBD in the past must know about how CBD reacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system. What you maybe did not know is that our body has so many cannabinoid receptors even in reproductive organs and sexual tissue. And the magic of CBD is that it increases blood flow to these tissues, in turn, increasing your sensitivity and promoting body’s natural response.

Depending upon what is holding you back from having a good experience, your choice of product may change. Even with pain there could be different products more suited to your needs depending upon what is causing it. So, even if you are someone with a condition like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome who is looking to relax their muscle spasms to aid in the experience, then you may find relief with CBD infused lubricant.

For those you have looking to reduce stress and anxiety to help them get into the mood for romance, maybe taking CBD oil or other edibles – even using CBD infused lubricant – might be effective. With a calmer mind and relaxed body, it is easier to reduce distractions and worries, allowing partners to focus on the actual experience.

In short, CBD will not just help you deal with your chronic pain but can also be effective in helping you get out of your head so that you can actually focus on having a good time.

It is all about helping you and your partner with intimacy.

The kind of products out there

So now that we know precisely why and how it can help in improving your sex life, let us jump into the products available for your use. You can find few examples of what kind of products are available in the market listed below:


Kind of Products out there

Kind of Products out there


  • Oral sprays
  • Edibles
  • Massage lotions
  • Personal lubricants

All the benefits without any negative effect


All the benefits without any negative effect

All the benefits without any Negative effect


You read that right. We all know that CBD has amazing properties that have a wide range of benefits. From what you have just read in this blog, in addition to helping people deal with their mental and physical conditions, CBD can also help you improve your sex life. And all this too without any dangers or worry of any negative consequences.



Unlike THC, you do not have to be wary of getting high with CBD.

If you have been looking for ways to help you improve your sex life or were curious to understand how cannabis and sex are tied together, we hope you learnt something here.

Now you can go ahead and pick CBD products that you would like to have an experience that you and your partner deserve.