Cannabis Tinctures: The Product You Didn’t Know You Needed

Cannabis Tinctures

These days there are so many ways to use cannabis. From your CBD oils to gummies to your skincare, it seems like depending upon your needs and lifestyle there are multitude ways for you to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

But did you know that one of the most popular ways to consume CBD has been around the longest? Yup, cannabis tinctures are one of the oldest and most effective ways to experience the benefits of cannabis.

Published in 2018, a survey in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research backed this claim where CBD taken sublingually in the form of tincture, liquid or spray turned out to be the most common consumption method.



Wait, what is a tincture?


What is a Ticture?

What is a Ticture?


Medical definition explains tinctures as medicine that is made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. While cannabis clearly is not a medication, cannabis tinctures are similarly made products. These cannabis tinctures are alcohol based cannabis extracts.

How to make tinctures is not too complicated. Actually, the way these cannabis or CBD oil tinctures are created is quite a straightforward and simple process. It involves absorbing cannabinoids and other plant medicines into high proof alcohol, followed by straining out the plant material.

You will usually find these CBD oil tinctures in darks bottles with dropper tops. The dark colour of the bottles works to protect the tincture from sunlight while the dropper makes it easy to measure dosage.

What you do need to pay extra care to, however, is to make sure you are getting your cannabis tinctures from reputable sources like The Farmacist to ensure that what you’re buying are safe and legal products.



Tincture vs. Oil


Tincture vs Oil

Tincture vs Oil


Even though you may have heard of the term CBD or cannabis tinctures being used interchangeably with CBD oil, they are different product types. Cannabis tinctures, as explained above, and soaked in alcohol while oils refer to products where the CBD is suspended in a carrier oil like MCT oil or others.

A great alternate to smoking

Cannabis tinctures are one of the CBD products that have stuck around for quite a long time. It is not just effective and potent but also a great point of entry for someone looking to step their foot into the world of CBD.

How so? Well because they are so straightforward! Cannabis tinctures are a no fuss product that is easy to use and get used to not just for experienced cannabis consumers but also for those switching over to CBD to quit smoking.

CBD oil tinctures are a no smoke consumption method so if you are interested in taking CBD in a way that does not product smoke then this is a great way to do it.

The benefits

Apart from how to make tincture, a big concern often is what it can be used for?

Cannabis tinctures are used for a so many different reasons. From dealing with headaches, arthritis pain to a bunch of other benefits. All the benefits of CBD that you have heard us hail about are the ones you can also find in cannabis tinctures.

A 2018 survey found that more than half the respondents used CBD to treat a medical condition like pain, anxiety, and depression. Other uses include insomnia, seizure, arthritis, migraines and inflammatory conditions.

If you have a medical condition, are pregnant or taking medication it is advised that you speak to your doctor before trying the product out.



Using these tinctures


Using these Tinctures

Using these Tinctures


Making use of this tincture of cannabis is as you would imagine quite easy. Cannabis tinctures are best taken orally; the correct term you will hear is sublingually. That is, this product is put under the tongue where the cannabis or CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

It also takes effect quite quickly, so the onset of the benefits is also much quicker.

But if putting it under the tongue does not sound like what you may want to do or if you wish to experiment with it, there are ways of mixing it in your diet.

The cannabis tinctures can be added to beverages and foods. Although you can add these to your smoothies or dishes what you need to take into account is the slowdown in the onset of effect.

But whatever way you choose to go with, the ideal is to state low and slow. Start off with a single drop and build your way up to a higher dosage depending upon the effects and time.

Typically, these tinctures are very concentrated so you usually need a very small amount.

The bioavailability factor

Why you may ask, well since what we drink or eat needs to pass through the digestive system, it can take a while longer for CBD to show effects when taken this way. Edible consumption of CBD can take anywhere between half an hour to two hours before the effect exhibit.

So while both ways do work, taking cannabis tincture sublingually does have higher bioavailability. Meaning that you absorb more CBD when it is absorbed into your bloodstream in comparison to when it passed through the digestive system.



Why you should pick it over products

The versatility of cannabis tinctures gives you a lot of control over how you choose, how strong it could be and adjust it according to your needs. Not only do you have control over the dosage of CBD with the dropper bottles but the strengths you use it in is also completely up to you.

This is because cannabis tinctures are available in a slew of different CBD ratios and strengths. Not just this, you can find both CBD and THC dominant varieties depending upon whether you are looking for your cannabis tincture have psychoactive effects or not.

So, whatever your situation or condition requires, you can find a cannabis tincture that looks like the perfect answer for you.

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