Soak away your troubles with a relaxing bath. Luxuriating in the magical effects of CBD bath bombs seems like the perfect end to the day to us, what about you?

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Remarkable Bathing Experience

Wash away the day’s stress and relax your sore muscles in the bath. From your skin to your mental state, experience the benefits of CBD bath bombs combined with real essential oils and CBD oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

TF giving all the information you need to get started

Well, with these CBD bath bombs you can not only experience the benefits of the real essential oil, Epsom salts but also CBD oil and extracts. All these ingredients work to ensure that when you go for a soak to wash the day away, it is an experience that relaxes all your senses (and muscles).
Sore muscles can be quite a pain, it can deter your workouts and your movements. But you do not have to slow down because of it. With CBD bath bombs you can relax those sore muscles and let the CBD work its magic spun by its anti-inflammatory properties.
CBD is recommended as a way to effectively deal with anxiety and stress. Apart from taking CBD in edible forms like oil, gummies, and tinctures, you can also do it this way! With good aroma, salts and the CBD in the bath bombs mingling with your senses, you can feel your body and mind relax.
Fill the bath with warm water, drop in your CBD bath bomb and jump right in after it fully dissolves. We suggest putting on a nice tune or a candle to give yourself the luxury experience you truly deserve.

A Relaxing Night In

Infused with aromatic essential oils, bath salts and CBD, you can kiss your body aches and stress goodbye. Time to unplug and reset!

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