CBD Coffee Could Change your Life

CBD Coffee Could Change your Life

The past few years seem to reflect the time when CBD became more mainstream. In this age of CBD products, many products have come out made from this cannabis compound. With the ability to give a person a sense of calmness, take away anxiety, reduce inflammation and other positive health effects, it is no wonder there has been such a widespread use of CBD products.

Among the roster of such great products, cannabis coffee is clearly an outstanding example. For those unfamiliar with this the very first question would be what are the effects of this CBD infused coffee? There may even be concerns regarding the mixing of stimulating products like caffeine with CBD, which is a clearly calming ingredient.

Well, from this standpoint it does seem sort of counterintuitive. understand the benefits of this unusual pairing as you read on.



CBD Coffee


CBD coffee

Benefits of Coffee

There have been multiple studies about the various positive health benefits of CBD itself. However, the studies are less clear about what happens when you mix CBD with caffeinated products like coffee. A big part of the reason is the fact that the legality of CBD and hemp when it was lumped in together with marijuana which can be attributed to the fewer number of studies. It also explains why most of the research is newer and more recent.

So, let’s tackle the facts that CBD coffee or cannabis coffee could be counterintuitive.  Studies have been done to see the relationship and interaction between CBD and caffeine. One such study found that both of them activate some of the same pathways in the brain.

This results published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that the neurotransmitters related to the endocannabinoid system — the same which numerous studies have found to be affected by cannabis — reduced after drinking around 8-4 cups of coffee in a day. Which is something that is completely opposite to what occurs after cannabis or CBD is used.



Okay. But why would you want to mix them?

For a person that always experiences a heightened sense of alertness after drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks, it can be quite a weird experience. The reason being that apart from the usual way in which too much caffeine can make it hard to sleep when it is time to hit the pillow, it can make it more difficult for those with anxiety disorders.

The caffeine jitters and the way it impacts the body can make it hard for people with anxiety to feel wired. In such cases energy drinks and caffeinated beverages can be too harsh given the way it amplifies alertness..

The good news is that you do not have to quit your caffeine if you are not looking forward to doing that.

And no, this does not end up in splurges in some artisan coffee shops.

Wonders of CBD infused coffee


CBD infused coffee

CBD infused coffee

If downing your mug of espresso, cappuccino or other favourite coffee drink is leaving you feeling wired and with those annoying caffeine jitters this one’s for you. Let us let you in on the secret behind CBD coffee’s cult following.

With CBD infused coffee you can kiss those jitters a long awaited goodbye. Coffee drinks — really CBD coffee drinkers — experience that beloved sense of alertness and energy needed to focus on work in the morning, and all the good stuff without any of the jitters.



At home CBD Cafe

You can brew yourself a fresh pot of coffee which does not lead to spending your day and night in a wired state. The solution is simple. When buying your beans, make the decision to get the CBD coffee. There are a ton of beans available with different aromas and roasts, all infused with CBD. Which means no one needs to compromise on the quality of coffee when choosing to switch over to CBD coffee.

But if in any case you feel like buying the CBD coffee is not for you, then make it easily with CBD infused coffee by dropping in a couple of drops of CBD oil in coffee. Like with all things, you need to experiment with the dosage of CBD oil to find which one works for you. There is one thing to note though, you are probably taking your coffee to stay alert and help you focus on the work you are doing. Which is why, given the calming properties of CBD, it is probably a good idea to not go too heavy on the CBD oil. Afterall, no one wants to end up reversing the impact of caffeine by brewing a strong cup of cannabis coffee.

Both of these CBD coffee options are amazing in their own right. Or, there is always the option of alternating between these two ways to make your CBD coffee. Keeping this CBD oil method in mind may also prove useful as a backup measure.

If you are in a pinch and have run out of the precious CBD infused coffee beans, then adding in cbd oil in coffee can be a good hack.

If these CBD coffee options do not do it for you don’t worry, we have got your back covered. Since many homes and offices these days have coffee machines on hand on the kitchen counters and in break rooms, CBD coffee pods are the perfect product. CBD infused coffee does not mean that you have to add another extra step in your busy schedule.

Just switch out your regular coffee with these CBD infused coffee products and simply enjoy.

Choose the best product that suits your taste, lifestyle and schedule to start experiencing the benefits of CBD coffee.

It couldn’t be any easier than this!

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