Introducing CBD in your life could not get easier than. With CBD infused drinks you do not just get health benefits but also a flavour bomb for your palette. Go get yours today!

It’s Great For You

Of course, CBD is great for you. But are you looking to understand why you should get your hands on CBD drinks? Let’s dive right in

Reduce That Anxiety

Reduce That Anxiety

CBD helps with stress and anxiety and can help you relax.

Muscle Recovery​

Muscle Recovery

CBD’s anti-inflammation properties can help with muscle soreness and recovery.

Maintain Your Wellbeing​

Maintain Your Wellbeing

Given how it interacts with the body, it helps with reducing blood pressure and overall heart health.

Say Goodbye To Pain​

Say Goodbye To Pain

Whether from headaches or injury, with CBD you can kiss them goodbye.

Awake and Alert​

Awake and Alert

Hate the caffeine jitters? Power up your day with CBD infused coffee and teas, and all without those jitters.

Unwind and Relax With Your Drink

Get yourself a CBD drink and unwind. From teas, coffee to flavoured sparkling water the options are endless.


Frequently Asked Questions

TF giving all the information you need to get started

If you have ever experimented with mixing CBD oil with water at home you know that oil and water do not mix. CBD drinks made by companies that specialize in CBD infused drinks or CBD energy drink are able to infuse drinks like sparkling water, cold brew coffee and much more with CBD and prevent the two from separating.

No, you cannot. If the flavour is important to you, read the product description before adding the product to your cart to ensure it matches your tastes.
Yes, with CBD infused drinks like Trip CBD drink you can experience the benefits of the CBD. These benefits or effects are not compromised.
If what you are looking from an alcoholic drink is to unwind from the day so that your can mentally and physically relax, CBD drinks are the answer. Unlike alcohol they are able to help you relax and de-stress without having any psychoactive or mind altering effects.

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