Partial to smoking CBD? Get your hand on the best CBD e-liquid UK. Browse through our extensive selection of premier products.

CBD E-liquid Benefits

Wondering whether this is the perfect product for you? Let us tell you why.

For all the vapers

Smoke your CBD e-liquid for a superior experience

Instant relief

Experience quicker onset of effects

High bioavailability

Higher amount of CBD in your bloodstream

Dosage control

Know exactly how much CBD you are intaking

CBD E-Liquid

Not Your Average E-liquid

Don’t confuse CBD e-liquid with average e-liquids or even CBD oil. We carry the best CBD e-liquids that have been customized for the sole purpose of vaping. Add these to your vape device today.

The best CBD e-liquids for the vapers out there

Do you vape? You might want to try out our range of luxe CBD e-liquids that can help you upgrade your vape game with all the benefits of CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

TF giving you all the information to get started

Yes, according to the law, CBD products with less than 0.2% THC are legal in the UK. With trusted vendors like The Farmacist we take the stress of searching for high quality, legal and safe products out of the way, allowing you to have an amazing shopping experience.
Manufacturers or brands may refer to their CBD e-liquids (intended for vaping) with any of these above mentioned names. But CBD vape oil isn’t your standard CBD oil that you may take sublingually.
The base ingredients you may come across in all your CBD e-liquid are PG, VG and cannabidiol (or CBD).
Get the best CBD e-liquid here if you would prefer smoking it or are looking for instant relief. Vaping CBD has a faster onset of effects and is actually more preferable who are already used to vaping.

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