About CBD

CBD is among the hundred known cannabinoids that have derived from the hemp plant. This specific cannabinoid is effective in terms of the effects it has on the body given the way it interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

This endocannabinoid system is quite useful and important; it serves the purpose of regulating the body by maintaining homeostasis. This is done through the regulation of key functions.  These functions include sleep, anxiety, appetite and pain to name a few. This should explain why all the research shows that when CBD is taken it can help you deal with all these functions.

CBD binds to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, this helps to boost the body’s production of its own cannabinoids.

Frequently Asked Questions

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CBD is an abbreviation of the word cannabidiol. Whenever you come across this three letter word, it would be in reference to this cannabinoid of the hemp plant. In case you didn’t already know, CBD is not just any cannabinoid, it is actually the second most prevalent active ingredient found in the cannabis plant. Although CBD is a key component of medical marijuana, most of the legally derived CBD is derived from the hemp plant. This hemp plant, like the marijuana plant, is among the list of cannabis plants.

CBD and other such products containing CBD are usually very well tolerated. Speaking of CBD oil, very much like CBD, it is not necessarily considered as unsafe. However, while CBD oil does not have any side effects unique to it, it may cause side effects that are associated with CBD.

These include:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Interaction with other medication

For all CBD products and medications, it is advised that you speak with your doctor before starting to use these. This is especially recommended if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or are on some medication.

The question is CBD oil safe begs to consider if the CBD oil you have bought, or sources legally produced under the right conditions with proper standards of care. If not bought from a reputable source, the unreliability of the CBD oil’s purity and dosage can be a cause for concern. 

Yes, you can buy CBD oil or cannabis oil (also known as cannabidiol oil) in the United Kingdom. An extract from the hemp plant, CBD oil is available to consumers and is not a restricted or only prescription product. But consumers should be aware that the CBD oil that they can get in the UK which has been produced legally, is the one derived from the hemp plant.

You can even buy some cannabis-based products like CBD oil over the internet from reputable sites like The Farmacist without any prescription.

Another legal aspect to take note of that for CBD oil to be considered legal in the UK< it must contain no THC.

According to the NHS, you cannot get cannabis-based medicine from a GP. Such medication with cannabis or CBD can only be prescribed by a specialist hospital doctor.

NHS also mentioned that the likelihood of prescribing such medication is for a small number of patients.

Some of the things that the hospital specialist may consider when considering prescribing medical cannabis include if:

  • Your child has one of the rare forms of epilepsy that could be helped by medical cannabis.
  • In case of spasticity from MS and the treatment already in place are not helping.
  • In the event where you are feeling sick or vomiting from the chemotherapy and the anti-sickness treatment are not working.

The hospital specialist will discuss all other treatment options available first before considering prescribing cannabis-based medication.

Prescription for medical cannabis is given only when it is believed that it would be in the patient’s best interest and where other treatment options are either not working or not suitable.

CBD does not get you high or make you feel intoxicated. While CBD does help you relax and calm down, it does not impair your mental faculties or have any other psychoactive effects.

That is the great thing about CBD. WIth CBD products you do not have to worry about getting high. Because of thethat fact legally CBD products are required to have either 0% or less than 0.3% THC the chances of them getting you high are very unlikely. And given that THC is a psychoactive compound which can be associated with the “high” or paranoia that most people associate with weed or marijuana, this will not be an issue with CBD products that are manufactured and sold with reference to the legal standards in the UK.

If your workplace, profession or other circumstances require to be tested for drugs cannabis oil or CBD oil would not be the reason you test positive for the workplace drug test. This is because most of the drug tests are looking for drugs including THC and its metabolites. Provided that CBD oil is regulated in the UK and as such contains either none or very low amounts of THC, there is very little chance that you will test positive for THC after using CBD oil.

Only if the CBD oil has been used in very large doses or if the CBD oil or other CBD product has been contaminated with THC would there be a chance for a test to come out as non-negative.

Much like the other drug screening tests, the hair follicle tests are generally not screening for CBD. What they are usually looking for is THC. Which is why CBD will not show up on a hair follicle test. But THC will.

CBD does not show up in a drug test because drug tests are not screening for cannabidiol. THC on the other hand is a controlled substance, and as such, would be on the list of drugs to be tested for. CBD products could contain trace amounts of THC but that will t be enough to show up on a drug test unless there is a significant amount of it.

Any CBD product that you took in the UK will have none or trace levels of THC. Since hair follicles can return months of  record of drug use, if you are concerned about being tested positive for THC, you should stick to CBD products that say they have no THC.

IF you are someone who loves to use full spectrum CBD oil or other CBD products of this type, you may want to either regulate your dosage or shift to broadspectrum CBD or pure CBD type if you are too concerned about increasing your THC levels.

Depending upon the dosage and frequency CBD can stay in the bloodstream for anywhere between 2 to five days. But substances that the body makes THC can show up for as long as 7 days.

If you smoke a CBD flower or vape it using CBD e liquid, the CBD is entering your bloodstream directly. Which is also why these methods are known to show a quicker onset of CBD effects after using the product. This is different from a CBD oral that first goes through your digestive system before you start to feel the onset of CBD effects which can take upto an hour. 

CBD is usually in the body for between 18 to 32 hours but it can show up on lab tests after that too. This is in the event that the CBD product you are using has trace amounts of THC. different tests have different cut off levels. Legally it is alright for THC levels to be under 0.3% THC. But the levels can also be affected by whether you are using a pure CBD extract, a broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD. You also

Although blood tests are not as common for screening drugs as urine or other ways, some CBD users may be concerned whether CBD does show up on a blood test.

Usually these tests are not checking for CBD but its cousin THC which is a controlled substance because of the psychoactive effects it induces. Even though CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, it may still have some trace amounts of THC which may be detectable in the drugs tests or screenings if the dosage is too much. However, that is highly unlikely.

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plants. Even though hemp oil does have health benefits (much like CBD oil) it does not contain CBD. 

You might have come across terms like hemp seed oil or hemp oil simultaneously while looking up CBD oil. This overlap in interest in the two oil products is understandable given that both hemp oil and CBD oil are extracted from the hemp plant. This may raise the question, “ what is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

So let us start off by first pointing out that while both are products of the hemp plant, both cannabis oil and hemp oil have very different effects on the body.

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant. In this process, the seeds are pressed and bottled, or they can be processed further and refined before the oil is bottled. Hemp oil has beneficial properties like the fact that it is rich in fatty acids, protein, and vitamin E.

On the other hand, cannabis oil — or CBD oil — is also derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant. But it is different. Instead of the seeds, CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, stems, stalks, and leaves of matured hemp plants. There are various ways to extract CBD oil from the plant. The popular methods include using CO 2 and ethanol extractions. Choosing between these extraction methods can have an impact on the quality of the extracted CBD oil.

No, it is not legal to grow CBD plants that make CBD flowers in the UK. To be able to do so you need a license. Permits are issues to industrial hemp producers and also for medicinal cannabis growers after much testing and serious consideration.

According to the UK government, the licenses for industrial hemp are usually valid for 3 growing seasons. And this license only allows for the industrial use of the seed and fibre, which are the non-controlled parts of the hemp plant.

To get more information on the licensing process for industrial hemp, check out the factsheet issues by the UK government.

CBD plants or hemp plants can only be grown for commercial purposes. An average person, given a few always, is prevented from growing their own hemp plant for CBD.

Growing cannabis or marijauna is still forbidden given the high THC content of the plant, a compound which is an illegal substance in the UK. Hemp too can only be grown for commercial purposes with a license.

With how easy it is to get CBD products in store and online this really does not pose an issue in getting good, high quality CBD products that work.

A very popular reason for the use of CBD has to do with its ability to relax and destress you. While it does let you take a breather, CBD does not necessarily cause drowsiness.

A lower dose of CBD with no or low amounts of THC will not have a sedative effect or cause drowsiness for most adults.

To understand this you need to first know that CBD is a phytocannabinoid that’s found in the cannabis plant. The two strains of the cannabis plant that get the most attention are marijuana and hemp —both of which naturally contain CBD, as well as hundreds of other phytocannabinoids. Hemp plant is the one that is approved for industrial production in the UK given the low amount of THC and higher concentrations of CBD.

And that is also the main difference between the two plant cultivars, marijuana plants are higher in THC, while hemp plants are grown to have only trace amounts of THC.

This is important to know since THC is a psychoactive compound that seems to cause sleepiness and also affect the quality of sleep when taken in larger doses. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t bind directly to receptors in the brain and shouldn’t make you feel tired. Instead, CBD interacts more indirectly with a number of receptors in the brain and body that help regulate things like mood, anxiousness, and pain.

Many people report good sleep or see CBD as a remedy for their insomnia which may seem as counterintuitive to the explanation above. But as explained by a CBD expert, for many the cause behind their insomnia is stress and anxiety. And given CBD’s mood stabilizing and stress management properties, it makes sense why it can be easier to fall asleep after taking CBD.

You can travel with CBD oil in the UK and take it around with you. But it can be different when you go abroad. It is a good idea to read up on the destination country’s policies and laws regarding CBD.

You can take CBD oil onto a place in the UK though.

CBD in itself does not seem to be addictive nor does it seem to portray the same addictive qualities as THC. However long term use may cause some people to become dependent upon it.

Side effects of CBD may include:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Interaction with other medication

For all CBD products and medications, it is advised that you speak with your doctor before starting to use these. This is especially recommended if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or are on some medication.

The question is CBD oil safe begs to consider if the CBD oil you have bought, or sources legally produced under the right conditions with proper standards of care. If not bought from a reputable source, the unreliability of the CBD oil’s purity and dosage can be a cause for concern.

There are a number of ways in which you can take CBD oil. You can take it sublingually by dropping a couple of drops under your tongue and holding it there for a few moments before swallowing. This is the recommended method if you are looking for a quicker onset of effect since it can do directly in your systems.


However, CBD oil is also quite versatile. You can add them to your food or even drinks. However in this way it takes some time to experience the effects since the CBD would have to be digested first.

It can take a while longer for CBD to show effects when taken this way. Edible consumption of CBD can take anywhere between half an hour to two hours before the effects exhibit.

While both ways do work, taking cannabis tincture sublingually does have higher bioavailability. Meaning that you absorb more CBD when it is absorbed into your bloodstream in comparison to when it passes through the digestive system.

Research on CBD and the benefits it can provide has shown that it can help with:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression;
  • Reducing seizures for people with epilepsy;
  • Providing pain relief and anti-inflammation benefits;
  • Helping in recovery for sore muscles;
  • Improving sleep;
  • Helpful for ADHD;
  • Dealing with arthritis;
  • Improving heart health;
  • Help treat addiction.

There is so much more it can do for you. It’s use has been tied to helping your sex life and even for managing nausea, appetite and weight loss.

CBD is popular for its positive effects on the mood. It has been described to have mood altering effects and useful for stress management. It allows the person to relax and calm down. But unlike THC, it does not have psychoactive effects or cause you to get high.

It is helpful in relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It depends upon the way you are using it. When taken sublingually or if you vape the onset of effects would be much quicker; it may take as few as 15 minutes.

But if you are using CBD topically or taking an edible, it can take as long as an hour or two for the effects to manifest.

There are also other factors to consider like dosage, purity of CBD, diet, body mass and other such factors.

Generally, CBD lasts in your system for anywhere between 2 to 5 days. However, this really depends upon the individual as it is not the same for everyone. Factors like previous CBD usage, body mass, diet, activity, and other factors can affect this.

Making use of this tincture of cannabis is as you would imagine quite easy. Cannabis tinctures are best taken orally; the correct term you will hear is sublingually. That is, this product is put under the tongue where the cannabis or CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

It also takes effect quite quickly, so the onset of the benefits is also much quicker.

But if putting it under the tongue does not sound like what you may want to do or if you wish to experiment with it, there are ways of mixing it in your diet.

The cannabis tinctures can be added to beverages and foods. Although you can add these to your smoothies or dishes, what you need to take into account is the slowdown in the onset of effect.

But whatever way you choose to go with, the ideal is to state low and slow. Start off with a single drop and build your way up to a higher dosage depending upon the effects and time.

Typically, these tinctures are very concentrated so you usually need a very small amount.

While both ways do work, taking cannabis tincture sublingually does have higher bioavailability. Meaning that you absorb more CBD when it is absorbed into your bloodstream in comparison to when it passes through the digestive system.

Get your CBD products and CBD tinctures from reputable sources and shops like The Farmacist where all the products stocked are high quality, tested and legal.

Medical definition explains tinctures as medicine that is made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. While cannabis clearly is not a medication, cannabis tinctures are similarly made products. These cannabis tinctures are alcohol based cannabis extracts.

Cannabis tinctures, as explained above, are soaked in alcohol while oils refer to products where the CBD is suspended in a carrier oil like MCT oil or others.

How to make CBD tincture or  cannabis oil tinctures is quite a straightforward and simple process. It involves absorbing cannabinoids and other plant medicines into high proof alcohol, followed by straining out the plant material. You will usually find these CBD oil tinctures in dark bottles with dropper tops. The dark colour of the bottles works to protect the tincture from sunlight while the dropper makes it easy to measure dosage.

What you do need to pay extra care to, however, is to make sure you are getting your cannabis tinctures from reputable sources like The Farmacist to ensure that what you’re buying are safe and legal products.

The way CBD works to benefit your skin – really the way ‘CBD skincare’ works – is through the effect CBD has on the endocannabinoid system. The way CBDinteracts and impacts the body’s endocannabinoid system can help the skin look more radiant and youthful – associations you will find echoes in any CBD skin care products or CBD skin creams you may encounter.

These are main benefits of CBD skin care products:

  • Hydrating dry skin
  • Helping reduce inflammation
  • Regulation oil production
  • Acne
  • Anti-aging

CBD skin care products are applied to the skin topically. But the application procedure may change depending upon the kind of product you have on hand. Using a cleanser, spray, serum, a mask, or a moisturizer will definitely change the way you apply these individual products to your skin.