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Health and Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

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CBD can be safely used as a food supplement. Provided that CBD has none to low THC, depending upon the kind of product you are looking for; CBD food supplement cannot get you high nor does it have potential for abuse. No public health problem has been found to be associated with CBD use.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, food supplements are not medications and hence cannot be used to cure or any condition.

The benefits are quite diverse with CBD food supplements. CBD has been associated with a range of health benefits like anxiety, depression, sleep issues, heart diseases, acne and more. It is also great for your digestive and gut health.

Apart from the CBD food supplements you see on the market you can also add CBD to your food and drinks or even get premade items infused with CBD, like CBD drinks or CBD coffee. So, if you find yourself looking for CBD food UK, you are going to find a wide variety of options.

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