CBD for Cancer and Cancer-Related Side Effects

CBD for Cancer and Cancer-Related Side Effects

Of all the research and writing available on CBD, the powerful cannabinoid in the cannabis and hemp plants, there are still more amazing evidence of how else CBD can help. Most of us have heard about how CBD oil and other CBD products are helpful in dealing with conditions like muscle pain, nausea, insomnia and other issues. However, all the amazing properties of CBD also indicate how effective use of CBD for cancer can be.

Of course, there is still ongoing debate on the extent of effectiveness of using CBD for cancer and pinning down exactly how it can be used in cancer related therapies. But the already established benefits of CBD in dealing with issues concerned with pain, sleep, appetite and nausea indicate how CBD can treat cannabis and cancer can be interlinked in a treatment plan.

There are claims about the effect of CBD on cancer cell. And though these studies are promising with some small clinical trials showing positive results, it is a safer bet to say that the impact of CBD for cancer related symptoms is quite well established.

Clearly CBD is not seen as a sole therapy for cancer, there are other conditions like chronic pain for which studies are being conducted to establish the way in which CBD can be included or even lead the treatment plan.

Here, you will find the details related to CBD for Cancer and the related side effects to help you understand how cancer may benefit from CBD.



An effective additional therapy

CBD oil for cancer is not suggested to be the sole treatment plan in place. The evidence which is available suggests positive impact of CBD therapies complimenting cancer treatment. There are many ways in which CBD can help people with cancer, which includes:

  • Pain Relief

It is undeniable that cancer itself and the treatment for it can lead to immense pain. The pain can emanate from the tumour itself which can inflammation, internal injury and even chemotherapy. The pain can be quite intense, and overtime may even become resistant to even the most powerful pain medication life opioids.

CBD for cancer works by its interaction with the endocannabinoid receptors, or more like with CB2 receptors. It can ease the pain by reducing inflammation.

  • Settling Nausea

Cancer and chemotherapy can cause intense and regular nausea. The regular nausea and vomiting can be a cause of ill effect on even the appetite and physical health of a person.

CBD can help with reeling this in. You can take full spectrum CBD oil for cancer to benefit from both THC and CBD working together.

  • Helping with Appetite

The constant nausea and vomiting can make it difficult to maintain an appetite which can make it a struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Yet another benefit of taking CBD for cancer is that my taming down the pain and nausea, it can also help stimulate the appetite. While it may not be the sole supplement to do this, if you are taking CBD for any other symptoms, this can be quite a helpful additional effect of the cannabinoid.



Can it treat cancer?


Health Benefits CBD Oil

Health Benefits CBD Oil

This is perhaps the biggest question that come up in relation to the use of CBD for cancer. There are studies ongoing to find the answer to this question, but it is too early to say anything. For now, most research talks about the combination of both THC and CBD as effective in dealing with cancer related symptoms. This may mean that you would be better off with full spectrum CBD products, however, it is better to discuss your options with your doctor first before you start taking anything. This will help you avoid any possible medicine interaction or other ill effects. We know that CBD can hep fight against cancer based on studies on animals, but there are a ton of factors that related to dosages, cancer types, types of cannabinoids and other questions that need to be answered to provide conclusive evidence.




Of the studies and research on the use of CBD for cancer, there is enough data to indicate the use of CBD as an efficacious anti-cancer agent both alone or along with other cannabinoids, chemotherapies and radiation therapy. There is clearly a therapeutic window for cancer therapy in human. More research can provide substantial clinical data on how CBD can work for different cancers and how it can be incorporated into established therapeutic modalities.

The many amazing powerful properties of this cannabinoid make it a great reason to add CBD in the cancer management plan. Even if we do not yet clearly know if CBD can work for cancer prevention, the other significant impact on pain, appetite and other symptoms proves it a useful cancer management therapy.

As always, like with any medication or any person dealing with a medical condition and using regular medication, it necessary to speak to your healthcare provider about using CBD or CBD oil for cancer. Your doctor can guide you about the possible interaction of CBD with your medication, whether it is safe for you to try it and even help you figure out the perfect CBD product and dosage of cannabis oil for cancer.

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