CBD for Depression: It Does Work

CBD for Depression: It Does Work

CBD has received much attention in recent years because of its ability to ease pain and cause relaxation. It has become widely popular as a treatment for anxiety, and recent research suggests that it may also help improve depression.

If you’re interested in using CBD for depression, read on to learn more about how it works, what the research says, and whether it’s safe.

CBD, the powerful cannabinoid that it is, is pretty great because of the many ways in which it can help. This includes the impact it has on certain medical conditions like:

It is pretty clear from this brief list that CBD may not just be helpful in dealing with physical conditions but can also help manage mental health conditions as well.



CBD has made it a lot easier well. How so you may ask?


Health Benefit of CBD

Health Benefits of CBD


Well, traditionally where the only cannabinoid associated with any strain of the cannabis plant has been THC. But that has been changing and for the better too. THC is also a powerful cannabinoid, but its effects may not be as pleasant as CBD. How so? Because it is the most active ingredient of the plant which very different effects than CBD. The euphoric, high and munchies that most people associated with cannabis is because of THC.

CBD is a great new (and quite popular) thing in the world of cannabis. With the legalization of CBD derived from the hemp strain of the plant – which is more CBD rich – the effects are less dramatic.

As we showed above it does help with pain and anxiety, but your CBD oil and depression could also be related.


Using CBD for Depression

For some it may be difficult to fathom that CBD depression are even mentioned in the same sentence and too as a management therapy. But the great news is that there is evidence that shows the improving impact CBD has on depression.

The way it does this is by altering the serotonin levels in the brain. The very neurotransmitter which is involved in emotional regulation, stress and mood. And we know this can have a positive impact on depression because of a very similar class of anti-depressants – which you may know as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or the SSRIs – which work along the same way by changing the serotonin levels in the brain.



What the Research Says

Of the several studies establishing the relationship between CBD and depression, the findings showed that it can be helpful association. In 2019 a study on rats showed that it reduced helplessness which is normally associated with depression.

Another study on rats in 2020 showed that CBD had a positive impact on reducing depression over a 28-day period of treating them with CBD. Other studies have also shown that using CBD as a treatment program can help manage and reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. And it could even be helpful for those who do not wish to take anti-depressants or other substances.

There is clearly room for more research. The studies done on CBD and its various health benefits will be solidified further as more and more research comes out. But so far, the initial studies and anecdotal evidence shows great thinks to look forward to.

Safe or not


CBD Effect on Depression

CBD Effect on Depression


CBD is considered quite safe for humans. But there is always the need to consider the possible interaction of medications and supplements. An interaction between CBD and any medication that you are taking at the moment can cause side effects. These can include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Light headedness



Speak to Your Doctor

Like with any medication or therapies used for improving your health, please make sure to speak to your doctor before starting a new regimen. CBD can interact with other medications. Which is why it is necessary that you speak to your GP or psychiatrist before starting use of CBD oil for depression or any other CBD product. You should ensure from your healthcare provider if it is alight to take CBD with antidepressants medication. This is even more important to do so if you are medical or mental health condition or are on medication. Some people should steer clear of CBD, this includes women you are pregnant or breastfeeding and people who have been diagnosed with a liver disease.

Keeping your doctor in the loop and confirming with them before use is the safest way to change or add something to your health regimen.

Ways to Use CBD

You can do so much more than just use Cannabis oil for depression. Nowadays there has been so much improvement in the ways CBD products are formulated. Today you can find yourself a huge variety of CBD products. It is easier to try them out, experiment and find the one that suits your likeness.

These include:

CBD oil has to be the most common and most popular way to use these products. You can take them sublingually by dropping a couple of drops of CBD under your tongue or add them to your prepared foods or drinks as a last healthy touch. Or you can turn towards capsules and CBD edibles to use CBD for depression.

It should be mentioned that in the UK you can find CBD oil with low concentration of THC, which is under 0.3%. However, for dosage and concentrations that can work for you, it is best to speak to your doctor about it.

What you do not have to worry about is getting addicted to it. CBD is quite safe, and you can continue using it to treat your depression with next to no worries with the help of your doctor.

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