CBD for Insomnia: Can It Help?

CBD for Insomnia

CBD, the amazing cannabinoid loved for its therapeutic benefits, has been quite popular for how it helps you out by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. And one of the many ways CBD has been able to help people manage their conditions includes CBD for insomnia.

Now for some this information may seem a little confusing. After all, how could a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant, or its derivative be helpful in you having a good night’s sleep? Sure, weed does have the ability to get you high and feel like you can take a break from reality, but it surely does not help you go to bed.

Well, everything mentioned above is true but there is just one little difference. CBD is not like THC. While clearly both are cannabinoids, CBD is different since it does not get you ‘high’ and nor does it have any psychoactive effects. Now that we put it this way, the difference is kind of big.


CBD for Insomnia


insomnia causes

Insomnia Causes

To explore the relationship between sleep and CBD or really how can CBD products like CBD oil for insomnia can be effective, you first need to understand the reasons behind poor sleep.

Sleep is quite complex and the reasons contributing to low quality of sleep are similarly complicated. As the Mayo Clinic has explained in its website, the causes of insomnia can be:

  • Mental health disorders like depression or any stress disorder like anxiety or PTSD
  • Physical conditions hampering sleep.
  • Medication disturbing your sleep cycle.
  • Consumption of caffeine and when it happens.
  • Environmental factors including your pillow, mattress etc.

CBD has the ability to help improve the quality of sleep by managing the underlying condition contributing to insomnia.


Sleep-Anxiety Connection


Sleepy Anxiety Connection

Sleepy Anxiety Connection

Though the connection may seem complicated to some, one easy to understand how CBD insomnia relationship works is by understanding CBD’s impact on anxiety.  Despite the research being still in its infancy, there are enough studies around to confirm the fact that CBD has positive effects on anxiety and stress-disorders.

People who use CBD or CBD products report that they experience reduced levels of anxiety and an improvement in mood after taking CBD.

For a lot of people anxiety and stress levels when exceeding or reach hard to control levels, it starts affecting their quality of life. And among a range of factors that it impacts, sleep cycle and quality of sleep are among the things that anxiety can disrupt.

Therefore, when CBD helps you out with anxiety and depression, keeping you calmer and more present, it becomes clear how that could contribute to a better sleep cycle. That is to say, by addressing the cause of your insomnia, it allows you snooze peacefully.

Sleep-Pain Connection


Pain-Sleep Connection

Pain-Sleep Connection

Similarly, to how CBD helps with anxiety, for others the reason behind sleepless nights could be physical ailments and pain. Sleep problems causes by pain can be addressed with CBD as well.

How is that so?

Among the benefits of CBD, one of the most well-researched properties include the anti-inflammatory and pain management of the cannabinoid. Fair amount of evidence supports that for people dealing with pain as a result of injuries, chemo or other conditions, CBD can be a way to effectively manage pain and reduce inflammation.

So, by addressing the pain that forces you to stay awake through the night and removing the bulwarks to your restive moments, CBD can improve sleep.

There is a plethora of reasons behind why people are using CBD products. Some are taking CBD oil for insomnia before bedtime to help their body relax, process the CBD into their system and let it works its magic so that they can have a good night’s sleep.

But doesn’t CBD help you focus?

Okay this may seem like mixed messaging. On one hand there is all this information about how CBD is great for helping you get rid of the reasons that prove an impediment to a restful night. And on the other, you have also heard us and others speak about how CBD is not just great for pain and relaxation, it also helps you focus.

So, which is it? Does it help you relax, or does it help you focus?

Well, it kind of depends on how you look at it. To put it simply, both of these are true to the effects of CBD. But to understand how that could be let us look at it this way, CBD in and of itself is not a sedative. It promotes sleep and focus both by removing the blockages to either.

Which is to say, if your inability to sleep or focus is stemming out from your anxiety and stress, by helping you relax, it removes the blockage created by stress.

Using CBD for Insomnia

There are a couple of different ways in which you can use CBD for insomnia, including:

It really depends upon how fast you want the effects to manifest and what your lifestyle or preferences are. The dosage that may work for you could be bit tricky to pinpoint since it really is so personal, depending upon a range of factors like your weight, history of using CBD, body chemistry etc.  You could experiment a bit to find out what works for you or not.

But it is advised that you speak to your doctor about it before starting CBD to ensure that it doesn’t interference with any medical condition or medications you are taking.

Just remember to be patient as most people don’t see any effects within the first month. Playing around with the dosage, form of CBD and good old fashioned time may be needed before you experience a significant difference.

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