CBD for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

CBD for Weight Loss

CBD has so many benefits for mental, physical and sexual health which explains the amount of love the compound has garnered from the general public. It seems like every day we are learning new ways in which CBD can become a part of our health and wellness routine.

Obviously while there so many beneficial properties of CBD, naturally there is curiosity about if CBD for weight loss works.

If you are new to the properties of CBD, this might confuse you. Let us bring you up to speed about CBD’s properties first before explore CBD weight loss impact.



This cannabinoid found in abundance in the cannabis plant affects your body in many different ways. The best way to understand how it does is to see how it reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Although unlike THC, it does not get you ‘high’, the manner in which CBD stimulates the receptors it helps in reducing pain, anxiety and inflammation.

But how does that explain why people are exploring if CBD for weight loss works?

Well, one of the many things that CBD or CBD oil does for your body is boost the metabolism, you might see many written pieces on CBD touting its impact on appetite.



Exploring CBD weight loss relation


CBD weight loss relation

CBD Weight Loss Relation


There is still research being done on the exact relationship between CBD and weight loss. Some studies exploring this relationship have found that people who used marijuana regularly had a lower BMI. Most of these being conducted on mice and rats, there are no clear details for how CBD and weight loss factor in for people. But the studies done on rodents do show that CBD suppresses appetite.

Going back to how these two could be tied together, for that being aware of the endocannabinoid system’s functioning is quite important. This system forms the signalling networks that helps in maintain the body’s homeostasis which also includes regulating metabolism and appetite.

So, we spoke about CB1 and CB2 receptors earlier. These CB1 receptors relate to food intake and appetite, when its active it spurs on your appetite and even enhances the sense of taste and smell. What CBD does to this receptor is that it kind of dims it, which in turn “dims” appetite. The CB2 receptors is different. It controls the appetite.

Given the CB2’s effect on appetite it is proposed that if medication or drug that tied CBD and weigh loss together is formed, CB2 could be the target.



Ways in which CBD oil and weight loss may work out


CBD oil and weight loss

CBD Oil and Weight Loss


There are a couple of ways in which CBD and weight loss could work. Which include

  • Boosting metabolism
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Fat browning
  • Regulating insulin
  • Exercise and active lifestyle

Suppressing appetite.  CBD unlike THC does not give you the munchies. If you intend to use a CBD product like CBD oil and weight loss is your target, then the affects you experience would be different. This is because CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC. It does not increase your appetite.

Fat browning.  In 2016 a study came out that discussed the CBD’s capability to covert white coloured fat tissue that store energy, into beige coloured fat tissue. The difference means that the white fat that is associated with storing energy and which is tied with diabetes and obesity is converted into cells that work on burning it since the beige coloured fat is responsible for burning energy. This “browning” can help in augmenting the breakdown and oxidation of fat, enhancing the body’s ability to burn calories and decreasing the proteins involved in creating new fat cells.

Regulating insulin. Our liver does the job of removing toxins and converting the excess sugar into insulin. This hormone is released by the pancreas into the cells where it is converted into energy.

As these insulin levels rise in the body due to a high sugar diet and become irregular, the body may be unbale to burn fat. This can make shedding weight arduous. But CBD has the ability to lower instances of diabetes according to a study done on mice. It could potentially stabilize insulin and as such remove the bulwark in burning the fat and making it easier to lose excess weight.

Active lifestyle. If you are suffering from pain as a chronic condition or even an injury it could throw your plans for an active lifestyle in for a loop. With the CBD’s ability to stabilize mood, make you happy and given its analgesic properties it could help reboot that active lifestyle and even maintain it. It also helps that CBD promotes wakefulness and makes it easier to focus so you can indirectly gain a benefit on your weight loss journey.



Some consideration


CBD oil weight loss

CBD Oil Weight Loss

Even though the preliminary studies and clinical trials show promising results about CBD for weight loss, there are a couple of things that should be taken into consideration.

CBD oil weight loss is not something you can look to as a treatment for obesity. There are many reasons that could be leading to this condition which means looking at CBD or CBD oil as a one-size-fits-all solution is erroneous. It is clearly not a replacement of good nutrition and active lifestyle. You cannot expect to see amazing weight loss results with CBD alone.

Do speak to your GP or specialist when taking the decision to start on the journey of CBD oil weight loss. Your doctor can help with your dietary requirement, consider interaction with any prescription medication and other factors.




CBD and weight loss are clearly terms that are there for a reason. CBD’s properties and how the compound reacts within the body could have possible positive impact on weight, but it clearly is not a replacement for exercise and good nutrition.