CBD supplement’s wide range of benefits have led to many users who swear by the products. The Farmacist carries CBD oils from different brands to give the consumer the power of choice. What are you waiting for? Start exploring!

Why Choose CBD Oil?

There’s no one reason to opt for CBD oil as you go-to way to take you CBD supplement

Natural supplement

No psychoactive compound

Many benefits

Ease of use

Things It Can Help With

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Pain management


Relief without side effects

The Best of CBD Oil

We understand that CBD oil is the most common way people prefer to take their CBD. Leave looking for the best CBD oil products to us.

Worried About Potency?

From full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD to isolates, we have it all. You can browse and shop for the type and potency of CBD oil you are in the market for – all in one place.

Have Questions?

No worries! Scroll down below to go through answers to frequently asked questions

If you found yourself wondering “Is CBD oil legal in UK?” let us lay your worries to rest. CBD oil is legal, like all other CBD products under UK law. This is true for all CBD products derived from an industrial hemp strain that has been approved by EU that contains less than 0.2% THC.

Whenever you are sourcing your CBD oil make sure that it contains less than 0.2% THC and to purchase from a reputable source. This is not just to save you from using illegal products but also to protect you from those that might not meet industry standards and carry safety issues. But no need to worry, head on over to The Farmacist and scroll through our inventory of high quality, safe CBD oils.

This type of cannabinoid that naturally occurs in cannabis plants presents the user with many different benefits. These range from managing chronic pain to other symptoms. So, if you are someone who has problems with pain, inflammation, or other discomforts you may want to check out incorporating CBD oil in your routine.

Yes, many studies have found CBD effective in overall pain management.

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