CBD Paste and the Ways You Can Use It

cbd paste

By now you must have realized that your new favourite CBD supplement can be taken in any number of ways. Given the huge demand for CBD and its many benefits in the market, new CBD products keep hitting the market.

You must be familiar with more popular CBD products like oil, CBD vape, gummies and capsules. But, did you know that there is another form that you can use the supplement in? This is not a drill, the other form of the product is CBD paste.

If you have ever scoured websites on the internet in search of CBD products that suit your taste while maintaining their many benefits, you may have come across this product — CBD paste.

For the uninitiated, let us delve deep and take a closer look at what it actually is, how to use CBD paste and what properties may make it useful to you.



Lets understand what it actually is

Before we start on how to take CBD paste and what is CBD paste used for, let us begin with my answering the question, what is CBD paste?

The product is quite similar to its peers in the sense that the paste contains CBD (or cannabidiol), however, where it differs from others is in terms of its potency. You can say that apart from the form they come in, the biggest difference in various types of CBD products has more to do with their potency.

As far as CBD paste is concerned, it is much more concentrated than other types of CBD products. It is sometimes added by a few manufacturers to oils as well.

Who is it good for?

We know, you want to jump ahead to learn about how to use CBD paste. But let us first establish who would be better suited to try out the product in the first place.


cbd paste

Who is it Good for


CBD paste is the type of CBD product that is better suited for those people who either wish to or maybe need to take higher doses of CBD. This could be because they need to take higher doses as a way to manage a specific condition, or it might be because smaller doses don’t do the trick for them.



Now might be a good time to discuss what CBD paste is used for.

Apart from the fact that people use CBD for the purpose of enjoying its high potency, given that the paste contains CBD, naturally, it offers many benefits.

Let’s take a quick recap of these which include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic and cancer-related pain
  • Helping with certain kinds of epilepsy
  • Substance abuse treatment

How to use CBD paste

How to take CBD paste really depends upon the form you get it in. In the case where your CBD paste comes mixed in with a carrier oil (like MCT oil), then it can be used as you would any other CBD oil.

But most CBD paste comes in syringes. You can eat the paste straight out of the syringe or you could inject it onto your food or in your drinks.


CBD Paste

CBD Paste


The CBD products, as mentioned earlier, is a potent one so it is advised that it be taken in small doses. With CBD it is best to start off with a small amount, assess your reaction to it over a period of few hours or a day and then slowly find out the dose optimum for your needs. The key is to remember that it may take some time for edible products to kick in with their effects.

And given the consistency of the CBD paste, it is suggested that it be swallowed directly instead of leaving it under your tongue to dissolve, as you would with CBD oil.



Advantages of CBD paste

CBD paste has benefits that sets it apart from other types of CBD. These include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Higher potency for each dose
  • Effective method to take a higher dose of CBD
  • Versatility

CBD paste can be quite a cost-effective way to take CBD. Instead of having to take a higher number of CBD capsules, you could just get a higher dose of CBD with CBD paste. Each dose has a higher potency of CBD in comparison to other types of CBD. What’s more, it offers more versatility in terms of using it. You can even make your own CBD products using this paste.


Advantages of CBD paste

Advantages of CBD Paste


But given its texture and the way the product is, CBD paste can have a strong taste. If you are one who would put this product under their tongue and wait for it to dissolve, don’t be alarmed to find that, because of the paste’s consistency, you may find it sticking to your gums.

Things you should consider when trying it out

A couple of things have to be taken into account when you are out to get yourself CBD paste to enjoy its various benefits.

Consumers need to take a few factors into account like quality of the product, potency, and CBD source. CBD source is an important consideration –if you wish to stay away from THC or not –  depending upon your preference, you can decide whether you want to opt for full spectrum, CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD.

Things to keep an eye out for

But you do have to be careful when using it. It can be a little difficult to ascertain the CBD dosage with this paste.

Typically found in syringes, the amount of product can be a bit hard to control when dispensing if you are not used to it.

Well, by now that you understand CBD paste and if the product may suit your tastes, head on over to our site and check out products like LVWell Cannabis Extract Syringe or Canabidol 750mg CBD Cannabis Extract Syringe. Have fun exploring!