CBD Not Working For You? Here’s Six Possible Reasons Why

CBD Not Working For You?

Have you found yourself wondering, ‘’does CBD oil work?’’

This might be you, if you started trying out CBD and did not feel any of the effects that so many people are raving about all over the internet. Before you decide to kick the CBD oil or other CBD product to the curb in your despair, you may want to give this is a read.

There are a couple of different reason why you might be having difficulties with your CBD. While it is a great supplement, given that it is relatively new, there can be some confusion about things that have a direct impact on how CBD works. Things like dosage, quality and use.

These things are important to consider if you want to make the best out of CBD.

Here are six reasons why CBD may not be working for you.



Your CBD product isn’t from a reputable source.


Before you start questioning does CBD work, you need to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the CBD product you are using. There are many companies that make wild claims about the percentage of CBD in their products and their potency. Which means that many consumers may be getting low quality products that just aren’t effective.

You need to purchase your products from reputable sources that are transparent with their quality reporting as well as consistent with their dosage and quality. Most legitimate brands have their products tested by a third-party to increase transparency on the quality of their CBD products.

It’s better to stick to domestic sellers and companies, getting products whose information and reviews are easy to find. The Farmacist carries CBD products from companies that hit the mark so that consumers don’t have to worry about low quality products.


You haven’t found the right dosage for you.


CBD dosage can get pretty complicated given how personal it is.  From your body weight, lifestyle, endurance to even the condition you have, so many factors effect this. The recommendation is to start with 8mg of CBD per day and start either increasing or decreasing the amount slowly over time. You need to find the amount that works for you and build it in your system. Experiment and find the ‘sweet spot’.



Patience and Patience.


You need to give it some time. If you expected near instantaneous relief to flood in a couple of seconds after those drops of CBD oil, you are going to be disappointed. The question often comes up, ‘how long does it for CBD oil to work’. This is the thing. It can take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours.

But this isn’t unusual at all. Because immediate results aren’t really common with CBD. Many people take several weeks and even up to several months before they see a difference. But if you are not seeing results even after a few months, it may be an indication to move on and try a different brand or change your dosage. It’s actually good practice to keep track of your CBD intake and dosage to see what works for you and when.


It may be the delivery system.


cbd oil

Ways to Use CBD

There are so many CBD products out there that it seems like a new one is hitting the market every week. You can find CBD in just about every form. From your seltzer to bathing salts, CBD is in everything. If you feel like your product isn’t working, even after addressing all the reasons we have mentioned so far, you should try switching up the delivery system. There are many ways to use CBD, some of the most common ones being:

In case you have been trying one delivery system with no luck, it’s possible that another one would work better for you.

But bioavailability is something to consider when you are exploring other delivery methods. This means how much of CBD actually makes it into your bloodstream.

It is all about choosing a quality product, being patient while you find the perfect dosage/delivery system for you and taking the time to build it up in your system.



Expectation management.


You could be expecting for your CBD product to do something that just isn’t going to happen. CBD is not a cure to a medical condition. It can treat symptoms of conditions, but it cannot resolve the health problem that you may have. What’s more, it works a little differently for everyone. There are just so many factors that affect how CBD may work for you. Much like CBD dosage, which is quite subjective and dependent upon a range of factors like weight, previous history with CBD, diet, lifestyle, genetics and more.


And if you are waiting for some indication like a ‘buzz’ or feeling of getting ‘high’, that just is not going to happen. Given the chemistry of CBD and the legal parameters of CBD products that you’ll find in the UK, it has under 0.3% THC. This means that there is not nearly enough THC, the psychoactive compound which is responsible and attributed to the high that people associate with cannabis.


What most people describe CBD’s effect is not the manifestation of a certain feeling, rather it’s what you don’t feel.  Like the lack of stress and sense of calmness. This relaxed state induced by CBD with no tension in your body is what should be the indicator of CBD working.  These changes are subtle but prominent once you get used to it.


It’s just not the thing for you.


CBD clearly isn’t a medication or a cure for any specific condition. And while it can help you with managing symptoms of different conditions like pain, problems with appetite and mood, it’s possible that it might not work for you.

Your level of absorption of CBD and the way you react to it depends upon an array of factor which includes your biochemistry, genetics, metabolism and other things.

Your endocannabinoid system may react a little differently than others, which means you cannot expect CBD to work for you in the same way it may work for someone else.

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