Your Guide to Choosing Vape Kits Suited to You

Choosing Vape Kits

You might have heard how vaping poses less harm than smoking or you could be looking for something new. Or, you may have become interested after seeing people vape. Whatever the reason, you have decided to try out vaping. For someone who is new to vaping, it is a good idea to understand what it’s about and gather enough information so that you can start vaping with ease.

Vaping can feel quite different. This is true for both smokers and nonsmokers alike. Even experienced smokers may find that it’s not just the taste that is elevated in vaping, rather the way the vapour hits your throat is also quite different. It could take some getting used to.

Similarly, for someone who has never smoked before, the first time they vape can be an intense experience. So it is important to do your homework before starting out so that you can get your hands on vape devices and e-liquids that cater to the kind of experience you wish to have.

This is exactly why you need a good vape starter kit. Complete vape kits can be quite helpful to someone who is new to vaping. After trying out various vape kits you can get an idea of your preferences and start experimenting with different vapes and e-liquids and elevate your vaping game.

But before you get your hands on a vape kit, to ensure that you have the best experience it might be ideal to understand what vaping is about, the basics that you need to be aware of and the reasons why you might want to switch to vaping. For information that can help you understand vaping visit here. We also have a blog on making smart consumer decisions when choosing your e-juice to create an experience suited to your needs.

With rapid innovation and improvement in technology, the market is flooded with choices. This can sometimes make you feel a little lost. We are here to help you make sense of the options available to you and help you make the decision that will provide you with the best experience. Some important considerations for vape kits include their battery life, power output, and kit customizability. This will mean different things to everyone; more seasoned vapers may prefer highly customizable kits which deliver vape that is more personally suitable to them. While beginners may be compelled towards kits that are simple and require low maintenance and set up times.



Finding the best vape kits

Starter kits can be quite different. They can contain a mod, tank, coil and replacement parts, or they could also include a device and pods. In the beginning it can be a bit challenging to find the mod that suits you. There is also the need to find the right accessories that are compatible with your chosen device. With vape starter kits there’s no room for confusion. They come with everything you need in one place – mods, coil, charger – whatever you need to get vaping.

Vape kits take away the stress of finding compatible or additional accessories out of the way.


Finding the best vape kits

Finding the Best Vape Kits


Different types of vapes

So what are these pods, mods and pen devices you may ask.

Mod or tank kits are the larger and more powerful vapes. These often come in a box style design and have a separate tank. Depending upon the price point and model, many of these vape mods also have more advanced functions.

Vape pod systems are more compact and more user friendly than mods. Usually they come with pods that are filled with e-juice that can be clipped into the device.  Closed pods typically can’t be refilled, but open pods don’t have that limitation.

Vape pens, like their name suggests, are quite easy to handle with their pen-like design that fits easily in your hand.

All-in-one devices have everything that you need to start vaping. With these all you need to do is simply fill the e-juice in the device.


Different types of vapes

Different types of vapes


Suited for beginners

A starter kit for vaping is a vape tool that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and thought on to prep it for use. These vape tools are ready to go as soon as they are out from their packaging.

This is particularly preferred for someone new to vaping as other vape kits may require you to set up the coils and/or batteries. While seasoned vapers may enjoy this ability to customize, someone less experienced may find it overwhelming. With these vape kits there are no such worries.

Straightforward and simple. That would be the apt description of these vape kits, which can also be attributed to their popularity amongst vapers new and experienced. These vape kits have many iterations, like we mentioned above. Out of these, vape mods are the most customizable type.


Suited for beginners

Suited for Beginners


Your complete vaping system, with all necessary components at your disposal.

For beginners, vape pens and vape pods might be a better fit given their convenience. With the respective features of being refillable tanks and disposable e-juice pods that can be switched out, these two kinds of vape can be quite user friendly.

Finding yourself the best new vape kit means finding a kit that is a quality device, performs well and offers a satisfying vaping experience. Price alone is not a determining factor of the ideal vaping starter kit. You need a quality device that can actually help you quit smoking, which can be quite difficult with a device that is just good enough to get the work done.



Some of the best vape kits to try out

If you run a search for “best vape kits UKorvape kits UK”, some of the brands that would come up the most are Smok, Innokin, Aspire, Vaporesso, and Uwell among others. You can visit The Farmacist to look at the many vape kits listed there to browse and find the one that suits your need.

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