Could CBD Help to Improve your Sex Life?

Could CBD Help to Improve your Sex Life?

Anyone who has picked up a CBD product and tried it out can tell you that CBD has a great potential in helping you relax. Being able to finally decompress – quite difficult for those with anxiety disorders or someone who finds it challenging to relax – and allow yourself to enjoy the moment you are in has to be a big blessing. And this is what CBD does for so many people. Whether you take CBD oil, edibles, or other forms of it, you are going to experience the improvement in your mood and find it helpful in allowing you to relax. One more benefit that may not be as commonly known – and one which we are attempting to shed more light on – is how it could CBD help to improve your sex life. (Hint: You can also use the most beloved CBD product for this purpose as well.)

This does not mean that this benefit solely applies to the products that are designed to use during sex (like CBD lube UK), but the all time popular CBD product everyone knows as CBD oil. How is that possible? Well, have you ever considered that the daily dose of CBD oil that you put under your tongue can work wonders for your sex life too? Yup, you better believe that!

There are many who are taking full advantage of it.



It can help with sex


can cbd help with sex

Can CBD help with Sex


To understand exactly how it can help with sex let us first acknowledge that our brain plays an important role in all our functions and impulses, including sexual. This organ located between your ears is the epicentre of your thoughts, needs and behaviour. And if we are talking about our sexual drive and impulses, it is undeniable that it hugely determines what way our sexual response functions. It is right there with our basic primal urges controlled by the hypothalamus.

Why is this recap important, you may ask? It explains how CBD can positively help with sex. This “CBD sex” phenomenon is rooted in CBD’s ability to improve cerebral blood flow which can consequently improve cognitive performance and as a result, overall brain function. This chain of effects can improve your mood. And if you are in a good mood, well that is quite impactful in having a satisfying experience. Because when you are in a good mood and feeling your best, you are bound to have a good time.



CBD oil and sex – Or shall we say cause and effect!


CBD Oil and Sex

CBD Oil and Sex


CBD oil can transform your sex life. CBD oil is an amazing product to have on hand. Obviously, it is truly effective but also because there are just so many ways it can be used to help you out!

These are the highlights of the ways CBD oil and sex are connected.


cbd sex - cause and effect

CBD Sex – Cause and Effect


  • Pain relief
  • Getting rid of anxiety and stress
  • Improve your mood
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Deal with menopausal symptoms


Let us take a deeper dive!

Helps in managing pain.  For so many women pain is a big challenge when it comes to sex. Experiencing pain with sex can make them feel anxious or ruin the experience for partners. But CBD can help out with that. This could mean two things for you, using CBD lube or CBD oil as a lubricant. It can help make the experience more enjoyable. What is more, there are also added benefits which include anti-inflammation and boost in the person’s mood, which means a better experience overall.

Say bye to anxiety and stress. You may not realize it but if you are an anxious person or get stressed out about being intimate with your partner, regular use of CBD oil can help you let down your hair – so to speak. Anxiety can undoubtedly affect the quality of your experience. With CBD oil and sex, that is not an issue because it can activate your body’s receptors can help you get rid of nervousness and anxiety.

Feel your mood improve. By now there must be no doubt in your mind about CBD’s laudable ability to relieve you of your stress and anxiety. But the impressiveness of the compound does not just stop there. After-all, it is what comes after which is also quite impressive.

If you use CBD oil as a cannabis lube, it can help dilate the blood vessels. Which means, if you have trouble getting in the mood, that is not going to be a challenge anymore.

Great for bonding too. Although CBD is not psychoactive like THC, it can boost your mood. This is done through anandamide – a bliss neurotransmitter that is closely associated with oxytocin. This can have a positive impact on your mood and social interaction. With you being in a better mood and more open in your communication, not only does this mean a good experience for you your partner, but also improvement in bonding as well.

Helps out with erectile dysfunction. Self-doubt and low self-esteem are often the product of the embarrassment men with erectile dysfunction feel. This particularly true for men that are 40+.

With regular use of CBD oil that can help you with blood flow, it can really help you improve your sex life.

Dealing with those symptoms of menopause.  Sexual dysfunction has to be a one of the biggest issues associated with older people. This can really have an impact on their sexual experience. With hormonal changes blood flow (or a decrease of it to be more precise) can lead to decrease in satisfactory experience, even pain. With CBD’s ability to increase blood flow it can help out with that.


If you have been on the lookout for product that can help with sex, then CBD oil is the answer you have been looking for. Why not try CBD oil and see for yourself why there has been such a hype about CBD oil and sex.