CBD and Anxiety: Does CBD Oil for Anxiety Really Help?

CBD and Anxiety

Use of CBD for anxiety and taking the edge off is perhaps the most popular reason for so many people rushing towards its use. Many might have heard about CBD’s amazing properties and its ability to help with everything ranging from pain management, chronic illnesses, insomnia, depression and anxiety. To some it may sound too good to be true. Much like how some people might be a little skeptical of the success rate of using CBD oil for anxiety.

But luckily, the countless testimonials given by people who have used CBD for anxiety can attest to its results. Afterall, there is a reason why you come across SO many articles, studies and blogs touting the benefits of using CBD for anxiety.

If you are still on the fence about whether CBD or CBD oil for anxiety actually works, stay on this page for a while and see how we turn you into a believer (backed by facts of course!).



What could be holding you back


what could be holding you back

What could be holding you back


For anyone dealing with anxiety, the thought of using something that could worsen that is absolutely the worst. Naturally, the biggest fear for anyone who is already prone to overthinking, their past experience with other compounds like marijauna might be enough to scare them off. No one enjoys the dread of paranoia setting in while trying to alleviate the heightened anxiety.

While very much valid, that is not something that should be on the mind of anyone contemplating the use of CBD for anxiety. While both are somewhat related, you do not have to worry about that paranoia and counter effects on anxiety that one would associate with marijuana. This is because unlike marijuana that has high levels of THC — the thing that makes you feel hyper vigilant, paranoid and even ‘high’ — that is not a worry with the hemp plant.

And CBD being cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant is altogether different from THC in how it affects the body and mental state.



From skeptic to a convert

You know where this is leading, as you may have already understood by now, CBD does not elicit the same negative effects as you may fear. This is precisely the reason why the use of CBD for anxiety is so highly recommended.

No matter if you take CBD in other forms or prefer the use of CBD oil for anxiety, the thing is you probably would be able to tell how amazing it is for your anxiety with the first couple of uses.

Even though it does affect every person differently, many describe the feeling of how CBD works as something that is not too drastic and in your face.

Actually how it is described by the people who have used CBD for anxiety is recognizing that it is working for you by the sudden absence of stress and worry.


The way it makes you feel


The Way i Makes you feel

The Way i Makes you feel


If you have taken your dose of CBD for anxiety, then you may associate with the below description of how it can make you feel.

  • Calmer
  • More rational
  • Chilled out
  • Awake but not jittery (if as way to take CBD for anxiety you add in CBD oil into your coffee or tea)
  • Not having found yourself overthinking

And what do you know, all of this without making you feel high strung or paranoid as you might with taking something with THC. With CBD that will not be a worry and you will start to feel a-okay.

This can be a great gentle alternative to anti-anxiety prescription medication — especially if you feel like they failed to work for you — and one with a good safety profile, too.



How to you use CBD oil for anxiety


how to you use CBD oil for anxiety

How to you use CBD oil for Anxiety


Well, this is so easy you might think we are bluffing, because all you have to do is place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue. After that just wait for a couple of seconds when you do so before swallowing.

Did you know? This is one of the faster ways to get CBD for anxiety working. This is because CBD oil — which can be as potent and strong as you would like to purchase — gets absorbed into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system.

Now the tricky part could be the dosage which can take a little while to figure out. The reason for that is because of the multiple factors that contribute to how CBD affects each person differently. For some a smaller dosage might work, while for others it could take a higher dosage.

An individual’s diet, medication, body weight and other factors all contribute to which end of the spectrum they fall on.

To help understand how this works we have addressed what dosage of CBD oil should be taken here.

But an important thing to note is to speak with your GP before you start taking CBD. This is especially if you have an underlying condition, are on medication, pregnant or other cases. The doctor could help suggest the ideal dosage for you as well as address how CBD could interact with your medication.

Experience it for yourself

Feel your stress and anxiety melt away with the use of CBD oil for anxiety. Place a couple of drops of CBD oil under your tongue and bid adieu to strenuous cycles of overthinking. Just relax or jump into what you are doing with a ‘quieter’ brain and a calmer heart. Go get your CBD oil now and experience the magic spell of CBD for anxiety.

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