E-Liquid Flavours to Help You Quit Smoking

E-Liquid Flavours

Looking for ways on how to give up smoking? Are you looking at vaping to quit smoking? You are not alone. There are smokers who choose to stop smoking cigarettes and switch over to vaping for their health. The many flavours of e-liquids available in the market also make the switch an attractive option.

E-liquids can be more influential than you probably think. Afterall, apart from the fact that vaping is less harmful to your lungs than smoking a cigarette, e-liquid flavour options can help make the adjustment enjoyable.



Helpful E-liquid Flavours


Helpful E-liquid Flavours

Helpful E-liquid Flavours


Tobacco. Any smoker could relate to the difficulty they face when they try to quit smoking. It should be no surprise that it is one of the best flavours of the many that are out there to swap the traditional smoking for e-cigarettes. Cessation of this habit can be quite challenging, not least of all because of how addictive nicotine can be. Which is why tobacco liquids can help out with that.

The vape smoke (technically speaking, vapours) are advised as an alternative to smoking because of the significantly less danger it presents to a person’s health in comparison to smoking a cigarette.

For someone to kick off the habit of using a cigarette and switching over to e-cigarettes — that heat nicotine (which is extracted from tobacco) and other chemicals in your e-liquids create vapours which can then be inhaled  — the flavouring could make a huge difference. This pretty much explains how to use e-cigarettes and why they are preferable over traditional tobacco cigarettes.

This is much safer because unlike regular tobacco cigarettes which contain more than 7000 chemicals – many of which are toxic – you get exposed to fewer toxic chemicals. And given how far the flavour has come since vaping became a thing, you can expect a completely authentic flavour – all without the dangers associated with the real thing!

Menthol. The cool and refreshing menthol is right behind tobacco as one of the most popular e-liquid flavours. It can help new vapers stick to their vape kits and avoid going back to harmful and expensive tobacco cigarettes.

For smokers who are transitioning to using e-cigarettes having used menthol cigarettes in the past, the switch is much easier. The reason why is simple, with the menthol flavoured e-liquid you can be sure to experience that same cooling sensation that is found in menthol cigarettes. There are a ton of e-liquid brands that offer a variety of menthol flavours, like this one by Riot Squad.

You can find it as a separate flavour or added into a delicious blend of other e-liquid flavours.



Fruity. Perhaps a completely different flavour from the one traditional smoker is used to, fruity flavours are a stark contrast. These varied sweet, fruity e-liquid flavours provide mouth-watering options for your choice of e-liquid. From tropical flavours like pineapple to more widely loved flavours like strawberry and berry, the options are limitless. Oh, and there are blend as well that offer satisfying and delicious flavours you associate with your favourite fruity delights.

Dessert. You read that right. Hard to imagine that when you stop smoking and start vaping that you could be tasting delicious and comforting dessert flavours? There are so many e-liquid flavours that imitate the flavours of scrumptious desserts like apple crumble, pies and more.

Why go back to smoking when you could be keeping yourself (and your lungs) safer and that too while enjoying these delicious e-liquids, right?

Switch it up whenever you would like


Switch it up whenever you would like

Switch it up whenever you would like


The repository of e-liquid flavours is as wide as it is tantalizing. From the tobacco flavours that can help you in staving off the temptation of going back to those harmful cigarettes to so many other fun favours of e-liquid. What makes these fruity and dessert flavours even more amazing is the alternative they provide if you feel like tobacco flavour could make you relapse and go back to smoking.

Given how smoking cessation is different for different people and how their needs differ, the variety in e-liquids can cater to everyone’s needs.

The possibilities are endless with e-liquid flavourings. From the way they taste to the types and ratio, you can find so many options on the market.

These flavours are sure to keep things interesting for you.



Not ready to quit cold turkey?

It is big struggle to when you consider how to quit smoking. No make the tradition easier, you could also choose to go for e-liquids that contain nicotine (like nicotine salts) and then reduce the amount over time.

Start vaping to quit smoking


Start Vaping to Quit Smoking

Start Vaping to Quit Smoking


How to use e-cigarette is not really a challenge given how straightforward and easy it is to operate your vaping device. The huge roster of flavour options including nicotine flavour as well as nicotine salts can also help with nicotine withdrawal, making for a smoother transition.


Making a better decision for your health and switch over to vaping today. All this talk of these amazing flavours must have made you curious. Jump over to The Farmacist and find your e-liquid flavour.