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Maximum Benefits

CBD full spectrum form is preferred to take maximum advantage of the benefits of the cannabis plants.


Full spectrum CBD oil contains up to 0.03% THC. While it is not psychoactive, but if you take a large enough dose, you may be susceptible to some effects associated with THC. Though not enough to make you feel intoxicated.

Found in other forms

Full spectrum CBD is not just limited to CBD oils, you can also find it in other products that better suit your lifestyle.

For Your Better Health

Upgrade the way you take care of yourself with full spectrum CBD oil.

The Solution You Have Been Looking for

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Experience the difference

With full spectrum CBD you can enjoy the full benefits of CBD. Each drop harnesses the power of CBD to take care of you from within.

Make it a part of your everyday routine to manage your condition and see the difference it makes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to understand how full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum CBD?

Find answers some of the most common questions here.

It is seen as the most potent form of CBD. It is also because of the reason that when taken sublingually it is absorbed quicker into the system and as such has quicker onset of effects and benefits.

Full spectrum CBD oil means that it contains – apart from CBD – other additions like essential oils, flavonoids and some other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD oil also contains around .3% of THC.

For starters, broad spectrum CBD does not contain any THC. But it is not purely CBD either. It does contain other components of the cannabis plant.

Not at all, if you have looked at other CBD products like CBD capsules, you may have seen this pop there too.

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