Full spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD: Differences and Similarities

Full Spectrum CBD vs Broad Spectrum CBD (1)

CBD has many amazing benefits for the body, mental health and even for the skin. From helping with anxiety to improving sleep and muscle recovery, CBD has become a go to alternative treatments. While there are medications with CBD that can only be bought with a prescription, there are also over the counter CBD products.

Some of the best CBD products include CBD oil, CBD paste, and even CBD food and drinks. But whichever CBD product you choose, chances are you will come across some terminology that can make things a little confusing.

Full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD are terms that come across many times when you look up a CBD product. Someone who is new to the world of CBD and CBD products may find it difficult to understand the difference between these. For others it could be difficult to decide whether choosing a broad spectrum CBD over CBD full spectrum would be better for them.

It is important to take the time to learn what CBD can do for you and pay attention when making the choice between CBD products.

Today let us try to explain away those questions and help make it clear how they differ and what would suit your needs better.



What exactly does full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD mean?

Well, whenever you come across these terms these should be interpreted as the CBD extract. Actually, there are three main types of CBD extracts that anyone can find in the market. And of those three, full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD make two. The third type of CBD extract is CBD isolate which in and of itself is nothing more than pure CBD extract absent of anything else.

As you may guess, these two kinds of CBD extract are somewhat different from each other despite both obviously containing CBD.

A little different than you may imagine.

If there ever was short and straightforward answer for anything, or particularly for this situation, the thing that makes full spectrum CBD different from broad spectrum CBD relates to the naturally occurring compounds of the cannabis or hemp plant in the extract.


Full Spectrum CBD


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This type of cannabis extract contains small amounts of the components of the cannabis plant. Meaning that unlike CBD isolate, you do not just get pure CBD extract but also other compounds as well. Because of this factor, there are also small traces of THC that can be found in full spectrum CBD. Which is why if you make the decision to buy full spectrum CBD products like full spectrum CBD oil, you may see that it contains o.3% or less THC. This is well within the legal limits in the UK.

But for someone in the US, it is possible to find full spectrum CBD products that have higher than 0.3% of THC.



Broad Spectrum CBD


Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD

This is a little different version of the CBD extract. Neither something as pure as CBD isolate nor as wholesome as full spectrum CBD in terms of the components.

Of course, broad spectrum product does have CBD given that it is a type of CBD extract. But the way it differs from CBD isolate is that it does not just contain CBD extract.

However, while it does contain other components so the cannabis plant, there is no amount pf THC that can be found in broad spectrum CBD products.

These compounds (or components) include terpenes, flavonoids and even Phyto cannabinoids.

To put it plainly, broad spectrum CBD products like broad spectrum cannabinoid oil, is not 100% pure CBD. It is more like a middle ground between CBD isolate – the purest form—and full spectrum CBD which is the most wholesome form.



Why would full spectrum CBD be good or bad?


Why would broad spectrum CBD be good or bad?

Why would broad spectrum CBD be good or bad?

With taking CBD products there is a term entourage effect that comes across often. It relates to theory which holds that when many components of the cannabis plant come together, there is a higher chance of gaining maximum advantage. You will find it more effective and beneficial to take full spectrum CBD, then products which have each component separate.

Therefore, if you are looking for the maximum benefits of CBD, full spectrum CBD products are for you.

But there is a possible downside to it as well.

As explained above, full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC. Even though it is not enough to cause psychoactive effect, if someone takes a large enough dose, you may feel the high that is associated with THC.



Why would broad spectrum CBD be good or bad?

Let us pick up on the positive first. The best part of broad spectrum CBD is of course that unlike full spectrum CBD, it is free of THC. Which means that you do not have to worry about accidently getting high by upping your dosage.

The downside is that there will not be the entourage effect that comes with all the components working together. And a big part of the entourage effect is CBD and THC working together.

Choosing the right one

Since both are pretty much the same sans the presence of THC, the choice will also be dependent upon that.

If you are not afraid to use THC and are not averse to its possible effects, then full spectrum CBD is the great for you. Especially if you wish to experience the entourage effect.

But if THC is a non-negotiable for you then broad spectrum CBD is also great given that it has all the other components of cannabis plant.

When making the decision to buy your CBD products make sure to buy from trustable sellers like The Farmacist to get high quality products.

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