What Is Full-Spectrum CBD? Plus, 7 Best Products to Try

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD? Plus, 7 Best Products to Try

With a continuous uptick in CBD’s popularity, naturally there have been questions raised by curious CBD enthusiasts who want to understand CBD better to make better decisions for themselves.

Among the range of questions that come up about CBD, a common one is regarding what full spectrum CBD is.

If you have already been using CBD products you must have noticed that the labels on these products, often come with words like full spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD. Have you wondered to yourself what does that mean?

Here is what you need to know about full spectrum CBD and how you can make the decision if it is something for you or not.

As a bonus we are throwing in a mention of couple of full spectrum CBD products that you ought to try out.



What is full spectrum CBD?


The cannabis plant, from which CBD or cannabidiol is extracted, is made up of a couple of different compounds.

These include cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Let us break these down a little further to get a grasp on what they are.

  • Cannabis plant has upwards of 100 cannabinoids. Of these the most popular ones are THC and CBD, which are associated with the therapeutic and psychoactive effective of CBD or cannabis products.
  • These are found in all types of plants. The cannabis plant has around 20 different types of flavonoids. These are associated with therapeutic effects owing to their anti-inflammatory, anti-and neuroprotective properties.
  • There more than 150 terpenes in the cannabis plant which affect its fragrance and also have therapeutic benefits.

Why did you need to know that? It is important to know this because full spectrum CBD is one of the main types of CBD. And these full spectrum CBD products, as suggested by their name, includes small amounts of all these compounds of the plant. And yes, this means there is even some THC in them.

Full spectrum CBD oil or other cannabis plant products differ from other types of CBD like broad spectrum and CBD isolate. This difference from broad spectrum CBD is on account of THC presence in the ingredients and, a more radical difference from CBD isolate which is pure CBD with nothing else in it.


The Breakdown


full spectrum, broad spectrum, cbd isolate

What’s the difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, CBD Isolate

Why Full Spectrum?


You may be wondering why out of the other types of CBD products available in the market should you consider investing in full spectrum CBD products.

The biggest benefit of full spectrum CBD product has to be the entourage effect.

This refers to the even stronger therapeutic effect of CBD when combined with other compounds of the cannabis plants like other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. And full spectrum, unlike CBD isolate and broad spectrum CBD, is able to do this because it contains all compounds of the cannabis plant, including THC.

This entourage effect makes full spectrum CBD quite popular. You can find a bunch of CBD products in every category that has full spectrum CBD. So finding these will be no trouble at all.



A Few Considerations


Of course, full spectrum CBD products are great, as are other CBD isolates and broad spectrum CBD. There is no bad CBD types here, it all really just depends upon what you are in the market for. Depending upon your needs, the type of CBD you may wish to use can change.

If you want to use full spectrum CBD, you need to take into account that it has THC. If it is something you wish to avoid then full spectrum CBD may not be the thing for you. The thing to consider with TH is also the fact that it can show up on a drug test. So, if its something you may worry about then you would do better opting for broad spectrum CBD which has all the same ingredients apart from THC.

With THC there also comes the issue of legality. In the UK the CBD oil should be extracted from the industrial strain of the hemp plant and must contain less than 0.3% THC. Some manufacturers may have more than the legally authorised range of THC. Which is why while shopping for full spectrum CBD oil or other products you should check how much THC it has.

What to look for

While you are out looking for your CBD product you should make sure that the product you are getting is safe and of high quality. Some things you need to look for while buying a CBD product are:

  • That it is third-party tested
  • Made from hemp plant
  • Contains legal limit of THC i.e. less than 0.3%
  • Take a look at the ingredients list
  • The bottle clearly states the potency of the product

It is also good practice to look at the customer reviews to ensure that there are no issues with the product. A red flag for CBD products is also when the company makes unsupported health claims.  You should also try to source your CBD products from reputable sites, it minimizes the risk of getting subpar products.



Full Spectrum CBD Products You Need to Try Out


No matter the type of CBD product you are looking for, you can get full spectrum CBD in your oils to edibles and much more.

Here are some full spectrum CBD products you should take a look at.





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