Hemp Vs. Marijuana: Understand the Difference

Hemp Vs. Marijuana: Understand the Difference

There are so many different words thrown around when describing the world of cannabis; it is a lexicon of its own. And it is something that you need to wade through and understand if you wish to make informed decisions about your health. Because that is exactly what you are doing when exploring CBD supplements.

Of the vocabulary that you can count on to appear most frequently the words ‘hemp’ and marijuana’ are going to come up A LOT. As more and more people are becoming familiar with CBD products and these terms, it is becoming clear that hemp and marijuana are not the same thing.

With this becoming knowledge it is necessary to pin down the hemp bs marijuana debate to understand wherein lies the actual difference. For those living in the UK, this is actually quite important, if you did not already know, the CBD products like CBD oil that you purchase are legally required to be derived from the industrial hemp strain.

Weren’t aware of that?

Well then, we have news for you. For CBD oil products to be considered legal in the UK they are required to be derived from the industrial hemp strain AND should contain less than 0.3% THC.

To be able to understand this distinction of CBD products and why hemp strain is preferred, let’s take a deeper dive into the hemp vs marijuana properties. So let’s go to the basics and understand the cannabis plant itself before looking at these two strains.



What is Cannabis?


What is cannabis?

What is Cannabis?


This terminology is used for the plants of the Cannabaceae family. This family further branches out into three subspecies Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis — terms that you may have come across while exploring CBD products on our blogs or other sites.

We wish we could provide you a simple distinction right here saying that  Hemp is a term given to Cannabis Sativa plants, while Cannabis Indica plants are known as marijuana. But alas it is a little more than that.


What is Cannabis Sativa?


This is one of the primary species of cannabis. Varieties of Cannabis Sativa can be quite diverse, both in appearance and in terms of their chemical make-up . Due to this difference, these plants can be known as hemp or marijuana.

But there is one factor in particular, which  is quite commonly considered to be the determining factor of which a plant falls into — the THC content.



What is Hemp?


What is Hemp

What is Hemp


Perhaps the most well known hemp fact is that it cannot get you high. That’s actually quite a big distinction and also one of the leading reasons behind its use in the CBD industry. What most of these companies are trying to do is to deliver the benefits of the cannabis plant but without the drawbacks. Which almost all of us can agree on is the psychoactive effects.

Sadly though it’s association with high-THC cannabis continues to affect the plant’s reputation. Different countries around the world have set their own THC limits for a cannabis plant to be classed as hemp. In much of Europe, including the UK this limit is 0.2% THC. Whereas the limit in the USA is 0.3%.

While hemp contains little THC, the recent popularity boom of CBD has helped to boost interest in the crop. Although if you are looking to get in the business of farming hemp you should probably take a look at the laws. In the UK, the industry remains limited due to current regulation around the plant, where you need to take a permit to do so.

Now that you know what is hemp, we should take a look at marijuana leaf to see how it is different.




This is the well-known slang term that most of us have either used or heard being used for cannabis. When used, the word ‘marijuana’ usually refers to high-THC cannabis which causes the user to get ‘high’. So when you hear about people getting too high or feeling paranoid after using cannabis plant products, marijuana is to blame with its high THC content.



Is the difference more than just THC content?


Even though THC might be the simplest way to explain the difference between hemp and marijuana, some people hold a different opinion. This is partly due to the fact that the definition of hemp varies from country to country. For example, hemp that is legal in Switzerland would not be legal as hemp in the UK.


What you can take away from this


Hemp and marijuana are different from each other in terms of function, cultivation and application. CBD hemp is a term that you may have come across while traversing the world of CBD. This lexicon is a pretty bg indicator of the laws and regulation around CBD products in the UK. You can also see this is an indicator of the product where you’ll experience all the good, relaxing benefits of CBD without mind altering effects.

Hemp can be used in many different ways that marijuana cannot be. This includes healthy supplements, skincare, fitness and wellness, clothing, and accessories. Today, you can buy legal hemp products not just online, but in many grocery stores and everyday businesses.

Now that you have this information of the difference between hemp and marijuana, be sure to check out our other blogs to see how hemp CBD can help you on your wellness journey.

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