How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel and When To Take It

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel and When To Take It

The therapeutic benefits that a person can experience from taking CBD have been proven in many studies. All the research on this compound extracted from the cannabis plants show not just that it is effective in managing many conditions but also that it differs from its cousin THC. Despite both being in the cannabinoid family and compounds extracted from cannabis plants, CBD should be your first choice if you wish to experience its good effects.

The reason: It lets you enjoy the advantages of the cannabis plant without any of these intoxicating effects, unlike you would with THC.

A question that may come up for anyone who is not familiar with CBD would be: How does CBD make you feel.

You will find all the information here to get an acute understand of exactly what you would be experience if you start using CBD in its most popular form which is CBD oil.



How does CBD oil make you feel?


How does CBD oil Make you feel?

How does CBD oil Make you feel?


If you are among the people who smokes marijuana or have used THC as a means to relax and de-stress, then you would definitely find CBD more enjoyable. That is to say, it does not get you high like marijuana or THC does, to the extent of even making you feel paranoid. With CBD you do not have that worry, you would have most commonly heard it referred to as a compound with mood changing effect.

How is that different? Well,  good quality CBD oil like Cali Greens 750mg CBD Oral Drops has less than 0.2% THC – within the legal requirements under UK regulations – and on top of that, it also offers you so much more control and freedom to choose.

Not a fan of earthy flavour of the CBD oil? No worries.

Would prefer to have more control over the strength? Sure!

Want to have the option of going for full spectrum or broad spectrum? You have a world of options at your feet.

You can get your hands on a CBD oil that meets your needs and not have any worries while wondering how does CBD make you feel. All because you would be able to experience the pleasurable effects after taking your CBD oil – like the moment when you feel your mood improve and stress melt away.

The effect or rather how it makes you feel is more subtle and different people would describe the effects they feel differently.

This is because of the fact that CBD tends to be a bit different for each person. But you would be able to tell its effects by the absence of your stress and how you can focus more on living your life.



Can CBD get you high?


can cbd get you high?

Can CBD Get you High?


The simple answer to the question can CBD get you high is that it isn’t a psychoactive like THC, because the feeling of tripping out that you would feel with THC is not what you experience with using CBD.

THC gets you high and alters your state of mind to the extent that it makes normal functioning difficult. Which is why it is ill advised for someone with anxiety and other types of anxiety disorders to try THC as a remedy to calm down.

So yes, CBD like THC is a mood altering compound, but it has multiple significant therapeutic benefits like helping with depression, reducing anxiety, relieving pain and nausea, and promoting calmness and relaxation.

As evidenced by studies on the matter, CBD is your best bet.



Best time to take CBD oil


best time to take cbd oil

Best Time to Take CBD Oil


The different with each person’s body reacts to CBD is determined by their endocannabinoid system as well as the strength and properties of the product. CBD oil’s can be found with a variety of different compositions and strengths. All these factors play a role in determining when would be the best time to take CBD oil.

The other you should consider is the reason for taking CBD oil. That means pinpoint whether you wish to use to destress, have better sleep, help with pain, or recover from workouts.

Once you have determined what you wish to use it for, you can decide to use it at a time when the effects would be most effective in producing that outcome. For example, you can take your CBD oil in the morning for general wellbeing or close to bedtime to help with sleep and before your workout if you wish to help with your muscle soreness and inflammation.

You may wish to take it at night if you wish to:

  • Relax after a long day
  • Manage your anxiety
  • Help deal with sleep issues

You could also take it during the day if you wish to:

  • Help you have better focus
  • Melt away the day’s stress or if your anxiety becomes hard to control
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Take it as a wellness supplement

You need to try it out

As you may have guessed, there is no straightforward answer for a best time to take CBD oil. It all really depends on the person and the reasons to take it. You should try it out and see what dosage works for you and what time it is taken helps you achieve the best results.

The Lowdown

You may have drawn the conclusion by now about why exactly CBD oil among other types of CBD is the new go-to natural remedy. It can help you take care of your wellbeing in a quite holistic manner. People who use CBD attest that it has helped them make improvements in their lifestyle.

You need to try and experiment with different dosages of CBD oil as well the timings to see how it works best for you and your reasons for taking it.