Low THC Strains: The Answer for Your Stress and Sleep

Low THC Strains

CBD’s beneficial properties are no secret. Apart from the fact that the compound has been around for a long time, the high interest it has garnered in the last few years has also shined a spotlight on the advantages of using CBD products.

Even in the ancient times CBD was known for its healing properties. Its use has been revived with much gusto now-a-days for its potential as a natural remedy in dealing with health issues. CBD has been the subject of a lot of research to explore and scientifically back the data to determine how it benefits the skin, physical health and serve neuroprotective advantages.

If you are amongst the many who are interested in the healing properties of CBD or cannabis, then you would probably be already aware that you need to get legal products. For CBD products to be labelled legal they have to be manufactured from a legal strain of the cannabis plan and have less than 0.2% THC.



Why CBD but not THC?


Why CBD but not THC?

Why CBD but not THC?


The low THC strains of the cannabis plant or CBD products are preferred because of course there is the legality factor. But there is another important aspect which is the effect of the compounds. Unlike THC that has psychoactive effects which produces a high for the users, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not have an ‘intoxicating’ effect.

Of the many strains of cannabis you may find on the market, your best bet is to choose low THC strains.



Does that mean you would be comprising on the quality of CBD?

Absolutely not! High CBD low THC strains are very popular among people. There is no loss of efficacy that would hinder your use of CBD. Low THC strains for anxiety are equally as effective. Actually, using low THC strain CBD products may actually help you manage your anxiety in a better way than would using a strain with high or higher THC.

Did you know?

TCH is just one of the 100+ cannabinoids. And even though it can provide an enjoyable high, it is not always the most productive or effective option.

For those who enjoy subtle effects that high CBD low THC strains have to offer, they usually do not love to get as high as possible with THC.


What is low THC strain?


What is low THC Strain?

What is low THC Strain?


THC used to be the more popular cannabinoid but with the discovery of other types of cannabinoids it has been quickly replaced. For those interested in harnessing the power of the hemp plant for its health benefits, CBD is right now at the top of anyone and everyone’s list. Low THC strain products like CBD products are extracted from the hemp plant that contain 0.8% or less amounts of THC and has a higher percentage of CBD.



You should go for high CBD low THC strain


High CBD and Low THC Strain

High CBD and Low THC Strain


There are usually two types of THC that can be found – high THC and low THC. The latter is easier to produce and can be grown anywhere quite easily.

Hemp plants and products with the higher strain of THC can be a bit intense when used and the high may even make people feel paranoid or even more anxious. This is quite a significant reason for the popularity low strain THC or CBD products enjoy among consumers.

The way these are configured

Well, low THC strains are quite amazing for you to be able to enjoy the beneficial properties of the hemp plant without feeling like you are high or paranoid. The way these low THC strains are configured is, as you would imagine, with lower concentration of THC and a higher concentration of CBD.



You can still chill with it

But using low THC strain does not mean the product would be a buzzkill. CBD is a cannabinoid that can help you relax. In fact, one of the reasons why so many people use it help them deal with their anxiety, stress and depression.

Low strain THC can still produce a state of happiness and joy without making you feel so high that instead of relaxing you feel the opposite effect.

The low THC strain are not just great for the positive, happy feeling they induce but its ability to help you relax, balance your mood, reduce the sensation of pain so much so that it is even effective for pain and sleep management.

So, if you are finding it difficult to sleep or manage your anxiety then highest THC strains are clearly not the way to go. What you should opt for instead is low THC strain which would be the right answer to help you remedy the situation.

Interested in CBD flowers or seeds with high CBD low THC? Then go ahead and explore. There are options available where the THC levels vary from high, moderate, mild, low to even completely zero. Presently consumers have a ton of choices, it really depends upon what kind of experience you are looking for.