What Dosage of CBD Should You Take?

What Dosage of CBD Should You Take?

You are probably quite aware of the health benefits of CBD – especially if you have been following along with our blogs – but do you know what dosage of CBD should you take to feel those benefits?

The endeared compound that is CBD is one among 60 plus active compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. And each of these compounds – or cannabinoids – affect your body in so many different ways.

CBD garners much of the attention it gets not just because of the benefits it provides to a person’s health, but also because you can harness those beneficial properties of the cannabis plant without the worry of getting high. AKA, not psychoactive at all.



Quick Rundown


The Benefits it can provide has shown that it can help with

The Benefits it can provide has shown that it can help with


So, before we dive in any further lets quickly recap some of the overarching benefits of CBD for the uninitiated. Research on CBD and the benefits it can provide has shown that it can help with:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression;
  • Reducing seizures for people with epilepsy;
  • Providing pain relief and anti-inflammation benefits;
  • Helping in recovery for sore muscles;
  • Improving sleep;
  • Helpful for ADHD;
  • Dealing with arthritis;
  • Improving heart health.

There is so much more it can do for you. For more information on that check out our extensive discussion on that here.

But, regardless of the condition you are trying to address, CBD dosage is key. Otherwise, you run the risk of it not working for you as best as it could.



Everybody’s Different


Everybody's Different

Everybody’s Different


It can be somewhat difficult to figure out the CBD dosage you should take. There are no ‘official’ recommendations for CBD dosage or explaining how much CBD oil to take.

It is quite likely that after getting your CBD oil that you had been waiting for to arrive at your doorstep you might have found yourself wondering how much CBD oil should I take.

Whether you are taking CBD gummies, CBD oil or some other source of CBD, the correct CBD dosage for you could be different than what it might be for others. This is because the CBD dosage you should take depends upon a range of different factors, which includes:

  • The condition you are looking to treat;
  • Your body weight;
  • Individual body chemistry;
  • Quality of CBD;
  • Concertation of CBD in the oil drop, gummy, or pill.

Simply, there are a lot of variables that determine how much CBD oil to take (or other forms of CBD).



CBD Dosage

Before you start taking CBD, it is recommended that you speak with your GP about an appropriate dosage for your or any potential risks. If a recommended CBD dosage is given by your physician, make sure to follow that. This is particularly important in cases where prescription CBD medication is being taken for seizures.

But if you are not provided a dosage by your GP, do not worry. Just make sure that when you get your CBD product that you start off small. The recommended method in the industry is to start with a smaller CBD dosage and gradually build up.

This could mean that you start off with 20-40 mg in a day and after a couple of days or a week increase the amount by 5 mg. And continue to do this until you feel like you have found a dosage that effectively eases your symptoms.

It is good practice to keep track of your how much CBD you are taking and noting the impact on your symptoms.

How Much CBD Oil to Take?

After you get your product, apart from considering how to take CBD oil the next big item on your list would be to figure out how much CBD oil to take. Well, unlike other CBD products like gummies and capsules which may mention on the bottle what dosage of CBD you are taking per serving, it can be different for CBD oil.

For a start, CBD oil comes in a dropper bottle for the liquid. Depending upon the manufacturer you may know beforehand how much CBD is in a single drop (which you can use to figure out the CBD dosage you need to use) or not.

For the latter it could be a little harder to figure out the dosage per drop. These refer to the bottles where the packaging only mentions the total amount of CBD for the entire bottle.

To figure out the CBD oil dosage in such a case you just need to make some simple assessments. The first thing to note is that a single drop of CBD oil is approximately .05 ml. So, a standard 10 ml may contain up to 200 drops. In this case if the bottle says that a 10 ml bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD dosage, you know that a single drop will contain around 5 mg of CBD.

It is advised that when working out the best CBD dosage for yourself, it is better to talk with your physician. Especially if you are on any medication.



Delivery Methods


Delivery Method

Delivery Method


There are a couple of different ways in which CBD can be delivered into your body;

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