Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough

You have heard us and others write about the benefits of CBD as well as the benefits of vaping over smoking. This is particularly recommended to those who are looking for instant relief or to experience the CBD’s potent effects.  But so many people can find themselves coughing up when they try to actually vape.

Coughing can be quite an unpleasant experience no matter the cause for it. You may experience it for different reasons ranging from the first time you smoke, choking on water, an infection to many others. But why does vaping make you cough and how to vape without coughing are questions that we can answer right here.  So lets dive right in!



Why vape CBD?


Why Vape CBD?

Why Vape CBD?


There are many different ways to take CBD given the variety that it comes in. Not only that, you also have an option of between among full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate all of which vary slightly. But many prefer to vape CBD over using other delivery methods. Not just because it is a way for some to give up smoking but also due to the rapid relief it provides.

First things First

It is essential to know what to vape and how to vape. If you end up coughing when vaping, it Is time to put your detective’s hat on to pinpoint where the problem could lie. This is because there could be different reasons why you are coughing. The best bet is to go through these and find out what could be the issue for you.



Your First Time Vaping


Your First Time Vaping

Your First Time Vaping


It might be the easiest to draw comparison between smoking and vaping.

If vaping is new to you then it may take some getting used to. Afterall, it is a new method of absorption that your body is experiencing for the first time. Coughing in this case depicts your body adjusting to the way it the e-liquid and is passing phase that would stop when you get used to it.


Why does vaping make me cough is a question that cannot be tied in directly to CBD as its cause. If you experience coughing when vaping CBD, the substance is not the culprit. Most of the CBD e-liquids you come across are full spectrum or broad spectrum. Meaning that other than CBD, they contain cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. The terpenes can irritate the throat which can lead to coughing.

Another reason could be that CBD could be suspended in either pure hemp liquids or the usual food carriers like PG and VG which are used in other e-liquids. If you are new to vaping CBD, you would need getting used to the slight irritation of the throat and CBD’s natural flavour.

To vape CBD, choose pure hemp extract that does not contain any additives or liquids carriers. If you have a sensitive throat, you should consider e-liquids with MCT oil as the carrier instead of PG and VG. Not only is it milder but also a good choice for beginners to vaping CBD.

It is also important to ensure that you get your CBD e-liquids from vendor that carries third-party lab-tested products.



Dry Throat

It could also be just a symptom of your dry throat. Have a glass or water or a warm cup of tea handy after you finish vaping. This will help to remedy the irritation resulting from a dry throat.

Improve your Vaping Technique

If you are new to vaping CBD e-liquids or dry herbs you will have to try out a couple of things to figure out if the problem lies with your vaping device, your health or if there is problem with your technique.

Try to resolve issues with your technique by trying out a lower heat setting and taking in puffs that are not too deep. If you are using dry herbs, try putting a lesser amount in the vape.

For CBD e-liquids, the cartridge could be an issue. If your e-liquid is poorly made that advertise thick clouds of smoke/vapours they might be off on their ratios of PG and VG.

Check for Health Issues


Check for Health Issues

Check for Health Issues


We have covered various reasons that could be the reason making question why does vaping make me cough. But even if addressing all of these is not solving your coughing that you may need to consider a more serious issue. You should listen to your body. Coughing is a way for your body to let you know that there might be an issue that needs to be addressed.

It would be advised to get your lungs and throat looked at by a doctor. In case there is damage due to smoking or some other medical condition, you may need to seek medical treatment for the coughing to subside.



How to vape without coughing

There could be a couple of reason for why does vaping make you cough. A couple of those were listed above spanning from it being your first vaping, your e-liquids, and how you vape. Here we have compiled some tips for you.

  • You may need to get used to vaping – especially if it’s your first time
  • Improve your technique. Slow down and do not take massive hits
  • Change your e-liquid. To vape CBD choose pure hemp extract that do not contain any additives and try using ones with MCT as the carrier oil.
  • Only get lab-tested, high quality CBD e-liquids
  • Check for dry throat